Included in this piece are parts of a piano that could not be found a new home.  It's worn keys reminded me of all the faces I carry around and play with, my polite face, interested face, sincere face, the face I show at the supermarket versus the face at rest at home.  It's a virtual symphony of face changing to be accepted or liked or to make myself feel safe.  The trick is finding the one true face that hums perfectly in tune with the world around and within me.

- Heather Patterson

False Self Seeking Compensation

Reclaimed wood

Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on back

31" h x 25.5" w x 3" d
12 lbs. 0 oz.



Heather Patterson
Hemphill, Texas

Getting to Know Heather

When asked how she became an artist, sculptor Heather Patterson replied, “I just seem to be built that way.” Heather is passionate about creating, and is constantly inspired by her daily surroundings and experiences. The artist’s body of work is governed by her mission to reassign meaning to materials that have outlived their perceived purpose. She works with reclaimed wood and window panes to produce geometric wall sculptures that may remind the viewer of abstract modernist paintings. Modernism conjures an underlying tension in Heather-–a “vibration,” she calls it. Each sculpture is created without a premeditated plan or sketch, but is instead governed by feeling and intuition.