The Island of ZA: A Fable Without Words 

Told in 100 dry point etchings. 

It's difficult to describe in words a story without words, but I’ll try. This is a fable I wrote (drew) about a mythical island, a girl with magical powers, a dog who loses friends and a place with magic in the air. The story will be told mostly in soft sepia images. The etchings are in a limited edition of 75 numbered prints.  This piece is on paper and will require a frame for display.

- Doug Lawler

Hole in the Wall

Printmaking on paper

Limited edition of 75
Signed on front

10" h x 8" w 
0 lbs. 8 oz.



Doug Lawler
Oakland, California

Getting to Know Doug

Self-taught artist Doug Lawler has been creating since he was a child in Detroit, Michigan. His career as an artist has led him to some interesting places including Hawaii and eventually the Bay Area. “The allure of the 60s brought me to the San Francisco Bay Area,” says Doug. It was at this time he founded a printmaking collective in Berkeley where he designed and printed social justice leaflets and posters. Doug’s current body of work utilizes his printmaking background to present a whimsical and mysterious narrative. Ttitled “The Island of ZA: A Fable Without Words,” the series tells the story of a mythical island in roughly 100 dry-point etchings. Doug’s protagonists are a young girl and a dog who are on a journey steeped in magical encounters. Brimming with fantasy and delightful naivety, the artworks evoke childlike curiosity in viewers of all ages.