The work represents the planting of a seed within oneself and the potential for growth. A monotype is a one of a kind, unique piece of artwork. It is a direct form of printmaking, requiring only pigments, a surface on which to apply them, paper, and some form of press. This piece is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display.

- James Rees

Planted Seed

Printmaking on paper

Limited edition of 1
Signed on front

22" h x 30" w x .25" d
0 lbs. 8 oz.



James Rees
Spanish Fork, Utah

Getting to Know James

Much like his art, James Rees is a mixture of the old, the new, and the unique. Having received an MFA in printmaking, it should come as no surprise that many of his drawings and paintings reflect a layering process. This process opens up unexpected and interesting results. James constantly attempts to find meaning and see patterns of beauty in overlapping, entangling events and the endless parade of images. James likes to say that if art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity, he loves to linger in the shadows.