This is a one-of-a-kind monoprint created with two heavily textured collagraph plates and printed over with carved linocut shapes. The piece is part of a large series exploring texture, veils of color, layered relief printing, as well as the beauty and mystery hidden in dark colors.

This piece is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display. 

- Andrea Epstein

Buried Treasure 1

Printmaking on paper

Limited edition of 1
Signed on front and back

26" h x 40" w 
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Andrea Epstein
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Getting to Know Andrea

Andrea Epstein layers shape, texture, color, and form as an ode to the abstract expressionist tradition. By combining various relief printing techniques such as collographs and linocuts, Andrea embarks on an unchartered journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Serigraphy and monoprinting allow Andrea to achieve a variety of textures and colors unknown to paint. Her prints are literal representations of the creative process. She received a B.F.A. in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and an M.F.A. in painting from the Yale School of Art.