The Island of ZA: A Fable Without Words 

Told in 100 dry point etchings. 

It's difficult to describe in words a story without words, but I’ll try. This is a fable I wrote (drew) about a mythical island, a girl with magical powers, a dog who loses friends and a place with magic in the air. The story will be told mostly in soft sepia images. The etchings are in a limited edition of 75 numbered prints.  This piece is on paper and will require a frame for display.

- Doug Lawler

A Dance?

Printmaking on paper
Limited edition of 75
Signed on front

10" h x 8" w 
0 lbs. 2 oz.



Doug Lawler
Oakland, California

Getting to Know Doug

Doug Lawler’s paintings are described as “full of pathos, without becoming caricatures.” His skill with portraiture is a testament to his worldly travels. His style, while intricate, hinges on the primitive nature of native art. He highlights the complexities of individuality with haunting takes on culture.