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Framed Fine Art Print


1992, Limited Edition of 22

Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free, soft gloss paper in a wood, white, or black frame. Features a 1.25" white border around the image. No matte. Acrylic glass front gives a crystal clear view. Includes a certificate of authenticity on request, and arrives wired to hang.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


This is a photo of some transvestites who were part of the Manhattan Gay Pride Parade that is held on 5th avenue every year in NYC. I have been taking photos at the Gay Pride Parade for at least 25 years.

Glenn Losack

New York, New York

Glenn Losack is a photographer, composer, physician and author. He has photographed India for 20 years and considers it a second home. His earliest memory of photography is watching a black-and-white photograph come to life in a developing tray. “The tools a great photo shooter must have are a steady hand, a great imaginative eye, past experiences in life and a lot of courage — never shying away from any subject in any circumstance,” he explains. Fun fact: he sold his piece “YOKO” to Yoko Ono, who even sent him a handwritten thank you letter.


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