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Framed Fine Art Print


2014, Open Edition

Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free, soft gloss paper in a wood, white, or black frame. Features a 1.25" white border around the image. No matte. Acrylic glass front gives a crystal clear view. Includes a certificate of authenticity on request, and arrives wired to hang.

This artwork may no longer be available. Please contact us for more information.


Amina, a contortionist from Mongolia, stretches before her performance on the Kelly Miller Circus show. This photograph is part of an ongoing project on the circus and my life in it, called "The Mudshow Diaries." The project delves into the lives and performances of circus artists intertwined with our family's daily life.

Valerie Berta

Columbia, Missouri

Valérie Berta uses her skills as a photojournalist in her documentary-style photography. Her different subjects seem to reveal their inner selves to the camera, sharing both the mundane and glitzy parts of their lives. She currently lives in Missouri and grew up admiring the work of artists like Johannes Vermeer, Wassily Kadinsky, Paul Klee and Henri Matisse. She has also worked as a photo editor for an international news agency. Fun fact: before moving to Missouri, she traveled with the circus where her husband works as an acrobat.


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