Darrin VanGorder
Valley Village, California

Darrin Van Gorder is a self-taught photographer who paid his way through college shooting fine art and fashion photography. He received his degree in biochemistry and quantum mechanics, and worked as a scientist for seven years. After a whirlwind of life events, Darrin realized he wasn’t in love with his job and quit to pursue his passion. Darrin finds inspiration in how surreal life can be, whether beautiful or ugly, sometimes feeling like he is in a dream. He wants his audience to feel like they are dreaming when they view his work. Darrin has found commercial success as well, shooting several movie posters and fashion campaigns.

Artist and Customer Comments

Darrin VanGorder 11/3/2013 | 5:41 PM

I just wanted to say thank you very much!!!! I love what I do and pursue my work with a passion. To receive such a compliment feels great, your words are inspiring and greatly appreciated.

commentsOrchid Reflection
P Fowler purchased this artwork. 10/30/2013 | 1:36 PM

Even at the disadvantage of internet I could tell this photograph was exceptional. I was not disappointed. The phalenopsis in "Orchid Reflection" is exquisite! Framed it is "fine" art at its best. Thank you for taking such a beautiful photograph, the three days it took to get the reflection "right" was totally worth it. I would buy it again in a heartbeat!

Darrin VanGorder 12/15/2011 | 4:49 PM

I just wanted to say thank you to all those you have posted comments on my photographs. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to do so! The photos are starting to sell one by one so please tell friends and take a look at some of the new work I posted for sale. Darrin

V Gundara 11/3/2011 | 5:53 PM

Darrin, your photography is magical, colorful and truly inspiring! Somehow each one manages to capture such brilliant color and a sense of beauty! You are so talented, and I look forward to seeing your future pieces! Vine Street is breathtaking!

J Soria 10/30/2011 | 9:20 PM

Darrin u never cease to amaze me! u have a great eye my friend!

E Cooke 10/30/2011 | 6:44 PM

I am truly amazed by how incredible all of these photos are. You have such an amazing gift. You must have the patience of a saint, as it must take some time to capture such amazing beauty. Your work is exceptional and so moving.

commentsVine Street
B Wheeler 10/30/2011 | 3:55 AM

Can't say enough good things about your exceptional talent. Of course these small previews can't begin to do justice to the quality of the full sized originals. Having seen a number of your originals in person, I know that they are nothing short of breath taking.

D BIANCHI 10/28/2011 | 1:41 PM

Darrin is one of the most brilliant photographic minds I know his work is true, honest and accelerated. It would be an honor for anyone to own his original work, I own several of my own and them are fantastic.

commentsGoleta Pier
K Philipps 10/28/2011 | 12:32 PM

What a fantastic shot. The simplicity of the wood pier and the colors of the sunset are the perfect compliment to each other! And the reflection on the water...just spectacular.

commentsGoleta Pier
K Philipps 10/28/2011 | 12:30 PM

What a fantastic shot. The simplicity of the wood pier and the colors of the sunset are the perfect compliment to each other! And the reflection on the water...just spectacular.

C Jo'Leigh 10/27/2011 | 11:29 PM


C B 10/27/2011 | 11:17 PM

Beautiful and full of emotion. I love the splashes of color from the speeding cars and the lights along the bridge. Such a stunning capture and beautiful tribute on such a devastating day.

commentsGoleta Pier
C B 10/27/2011 | 11:13 PM

the juxtaposition between the rough texture of the wood and the smoothness of the ocean water and sky is breathtaking. Not to mention the composition and colors are phenomenal! well done.

commentsLeo Carrillo Nightscape
C B 10/27/2011 | 11:11 PM

The moon! I mean, holy crap...How perfect is this shot? The water feels so subdued and the location is romantic and your eyes pan up from this feeling of tranquility to the brightness and intensity of the moon perfectly surrounded by the magnificense of the way the rocks are formed. Just superb! :)

commentsRiverside Drive
C B 10/27/2011 | 11:05 PM

there is something both eerie and mystical about this shot. I feel as though I could stare at this image for hours and come up with a ton of stories in my head surrounding this one picture. My mind is currently running rampant with ideas involving supernatural entities encompassing this photo. Perhaps I watch too many horror/supernatural movies, but this image could definitely be the opening shot!

commentsBaby Elephant
C B 10/27/2011 | 10:59 PM

This is such a gorgeous image. I love the many colors in the sky contrasting against the colors and textures of the ocean and rock. All of the colors and textures blend together perfectly to create a truly outstanding image and moment in time.

Darrin VanGorder 10/19/2011 | 11:54 PM

Hi. I hope you enjoy my photographs. If you have any questions please feel free to make a comment and I will respond. Take care. Darrin Van Gorder

Orchid Reflection

Fine Art Print
2006, open edition
Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free soft gloss paper. Features a 1.5" white border around the image to allow for easy framing. Includes a certificate of authenticity.
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This photograph is due in part to my high school friend who built the tank the flower was photographed in. The tank was 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 feet and 7 inches deep and three separate titration system were setup behind the flower to give the motion within the liquid. It took almost 12 hours from setup to actually getting the right shot. By the right shot I mean to get the reflection to right.

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