This was a serendipitous moment, and a unique find. It's rare in my career that I'm just swimming around without a goal - 99% of the time, I have a plan for a specific subject, but on this day, I was just exploring a local reef under my boat in Papua New Guinea, and came across this most wonderful composition. This starfish had crawled right up to the base of a perfectly complimentary orange soft coral, and the opportunity presented itself. Now, without 20 years of experience shooting professionally underwater, would I have been able to capitalize on the moment? Maybe it was the right place at the right time - but I prefer to believe that we make our own luck, and the more I practice, the "luckier" I get! Like almost all of my shots, I'm using an ultra-wide 10mm fisheye lens, so the starfish and soft coral are about 3" from the lens.

- Chris Gug