I had scouted a location in Oregon, off the highway, where acres and acres of perfectly lined Poplar trees live. As soon as I came across the location, I knew come fall the leaves would change and the colors would pop. Fall had finally arrived, and I made my way back to the spot I had thought of for too long now. My timing was perfect; the leaves were in peak foliage. They were as bright as yellow can possibly be. I took my camera and walked down the mesmerizing hallway of trees. I was completely surrounded by beauty. I felt I was in a dream world, so unique in color and perfection. I set up my camera, framed the shot and took a few extra minutes to just stop and stare, almost as if I was in a daze. I felt a wave of appreciation come over me. The road noise had stopped, it was just me and the trees, the "Silence was Golden!"

- Ross Lipson