The shark in this image was my girlfriend for several years. I lived in the Turks & Caicos Islands for 7 years shooting underwater nearly every day, and this shark was among the dozens who frequented one of my favorite sites, but it was only her who would swim close enough to touch over and over again in slow repetitive circles, always curious to what I was doing on her reef. Over the years, I captured hundreds, if not thousands, of meaningful images of her, but this is my favorite. This image was widely recognized worldwide when it won the Best In Show prize at Our World Underwater International Photo Competition, beating out over 30,000 other entries that year. The streaking effect is not Photoshop work - this is from my signature style of a long exposure combined with flash. During the long exposure, I am zooming in and panning from right to left, and the flash is positioned to only illuminate her underside, leaving the top of her to streak in a powerful burst of energy past the lens, just inches from my head. Ohhh, how I miss her!!!

- Chris Gug