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Framed Fine Art Print


2019, Limited Edition of 7

Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free, soft gloss paper in a wood, white, or black frame. Features a 1.25" white border around the image. No matte. Acrylic glass front gives a crystal clear view. Includes a certificate of authenticity on request, and arrives wired to hang.

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A Spanish stallion runs free through sand dunes. "Members of Baroque breed have narrow but well-proportioned heads with slightly convex facial profiles and heavy muscling," explains Ida. "The necks are thick and arched, leading to well defined withers, shoulders that are muscular and sloping, and deep, broad chests. They have intelligent and willing natures, with agile and elevated movement. Originally bred for war, dressage and bullfighting, they are still used today in the latter two."

Due to the high contrast and movement within this photograph, there is some inherent grain to the image. This is an intentional part of Ida's photographic process. It will appear in all sizes of the piece, but will be more apparent when printed at larger sizes.

Ida Kehoe

Lloyd Harbor, New York

Artist Ida Kehoe is extremely passionate about photographing horses to reveal their majesty, grace and form. She searches out various breeders in Florida, as well as in far off locations in Portugal, Spain and France, to find her equine subjects. Once on location, Ida spends time to observe the horses before taking the picture. "I like to study them first, I like to sit in the field and watch them in their environment, watch them interact with each other and decide on a composition," she explains. From there, Ida works to select a location with a complementary backdrop and sets up ropes to guide the horses where she wants them to run. She plans as much as she can, although she says there is an element of unpredictability that sometimes leads to an evolution of her shot plan. For her portraits on black backgrounds, she photographs her subjects in a barn against a huge black screen, utilizing natural lighting through the doors and windows or setting up spotlights to add drama. Ida’s extensive knowledge of photography stems from her day job as an MRI technician in a hospital radiology department. She first learned darkroom chemistry studying X-ray technology, and now she furthers her artistic practice with private instruction.

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M Phillips purchased this artwork. 1/17/2020 | 12:54 AM

Ida, Thank you for taking such a stunning photo! It took a few tries to get the print to me without wrinkles, but it is now framed and prominently displayed in our new house in Scottsdale. We love the photo! Thank you for also sending the certificate of authenticity and the proof of limited edition. Warmly, Mary


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