One reason I love exhibiting through UGallery, is that people take the time to read the descriptions - and this one definitely deserves a description! Its a photograph - and the effect of the streaking in the corners is done with the camera - not Photoshop. For nearly two years, I had been seeing this perfect specimen of a gorgonian sea fan while diving in my former home of Papua New Guinea. But conditions were never right to create the image in my mind. Normally, the current rips through this channel, making it impossible to hold still. It was actually on my last visit to this area that I found a slack tide combined with angled, low light. So in a 30-minute window before the current picked up again, I worked some crazy compositions using long exposures, and physically kicking towards the coral during the shots. The streaking-zoom effect is the result of that forward movement and a twist of the zoom, and the main body of the coral is frozen in the image due to careful placement of two flashes. I feel that the result is a spectacular combination of loud reds and blues that more resembles a tree, or a vascular system, than the world's most perfect gorgonian coral. See in it what you like, but at the end of the day, most collectors of this image never even ask what it is - they just love the colors, shape, and flow.

- Chris Gug