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Converging Journeys

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Framed Fine Art Print


2019, Open Edition

Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free, soft gloss paper in a wood, white, or black frame. Features a 1.25" white border around the image. No matte. Acrylic glass front gives a crystal clear view. Includes a certificate of authenticity on request, and arrives wired to hang.

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Broken, cracked and missing cobbled stones, still bound together with aged grout. Rails ground clean by repetitive tram schedules, yet soiled by alternative forces. Painted walkways eroded overtime by hurried pedestrians.

Photo location - Dukelskych hrdinu 976/12 Prague, Czech Republic

Ronald Erskine

Palm Springs, California

Ronald Erskine strives to create clean, concise and uncluttered images. He prefers to portray colorful subjects because of color's ability to stimulate feelings and emotions. His eye normally goes towards a "finite portion of a larger subject" which produces what he calls a "puzzle effect" in his compositions.

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