Oregon holds a special place in my heart. The wet climate creates blankets of moss, bringing rocks and fallen trees to life. When a waterfall decides to make its way through these lush landscapes, a scene is created that will stop you in your tracks and leave you speechless. This particular waterfall in Oregon was a priority on my list for a long time. The day had finally come, and my wife and I set out to enjoy its beauty. We drove for a few hours, only to be stopped by a road closure sign with a gate. A bit disappointed to be stuck after having our hopes high, we quickly realized we had brought two bicycles with us. We pulled over, gathered our equipment and set out up a steep highway. After a tough few miles we made it to the trailhead. A few miles of hiking into the forest and sure enough, there we were, stopped in our tracks, left speechless. Just as imagined, the water was falling down a rock face covered in moss, trickling through the rocks and falling trees and passing our feet. A dream had come true, and everything had sure enough "Come Together!"

- Ross Lipson