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Framed Fine Art Print


2020, Open Edition

Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free, soft gloss paper in a wood, white, or black frame. Features a 1.25" white border around the image. No matte. Acrylic glass front gives a crystal clear view. Includes a certificate of authenticity on request, and arrives wired to hang.

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Two male betta fish circle one another in a seamless dance. The electrifying blue, yellow and orange fins move like flowing drapery in the deep black space. Part of artist Michael Filonow's Betta series capturing the majesty of these freshwater fish. After first shooting single fish, Michael experimented with placing two bettas together in the aquarium. "To my surprise, they swam calmly around each other," he says. "Most of the multi-fish shoots last only a few minutes, as they are known to be highly aggressive and I don't want to push my luck."

Michael Filonow

Tuxedo, New York

Photographer Michael Filonow captures dazzling portraits of his collection of betta fish. He places his handsome subjects against deep black backgrounds, highlighting their seemingly effortless and majestic dance through water. Michael grew up in Rhode Island, studied Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University and became a US Air Force pilot. After his military career, he embarked on a modeling career as a way to travel the world. It was during this time working with some of the top fashion photographers that he discovered his passion for being on the other side of the camera. "On my days off, I found myself photographing other models as well as the beautiful locations I was visiting," recalls Michael. His photography career quickly took flight and in 2010 he began working full-time as an artist. Today, Michael lives in a small town outside of the New York City area with his wife and two children. When he's not shooting new work, you can usually find him at the gym or watching a good movie.

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