I've been to the Oneonta Gorge in Oregon over a dozen times. The place is unlike anywhere else I've been. You hike into a massive gorge with a hundred footwalls on either side of you. You quickly come upon a massive log dam that is extremely slippery making it quite dangerous to get over. Past the log dam, you see a river running through the walls of the gorge, winding down and around for as far as you can see. The only way to go is through the bitter cold water. As you continue on, the walls narrow to arms length and the water rises until you are chest deep in freezing cold water. Outside of the log dam and the extreme water temperatures you have to maneuver through loads of people. Oneonta Gorge has always been a place many frequent, and its sheer beauty explains why. As a landscape photographer, the goal is to steer clear of the people! This is hard here! On this day, I had hiked over the log dam, through the water, past a few dozen people to finally make it to the end, where a picturesque waterfall pours nearly 100 feet into the gorge. I pulled out my camera, set up and took a second to take in the scene. It was at that point where I finally had been all by myself. Just the waterfall and I! I couldn't tell if it was my thoughts or the waterfall saying, but all I could think was "Alone At Last!"

- Ross Lipson