The beautiful sandstone rock formations located near the Arizona–Utah border, on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes have always intrigued me. They've called my name for quite some time now and my day had finally come. I was in Page, Arizona with my wife. Shortly after sunset we decided to set out for the trailhead to find the infamous rock formations. A calm drive through the desert turned chaotic quickly as a thunderstorm swept in. We were off road in feet of mud for a good two hours. It was about midnight when we finally made it to the trailhead. We spent the night in a fellow traveler’s van, a true blessing to have shelter from the storm. Our alarms sounded at 5 am and we work to realize that the storm had not yet passed and we were stuck. We waited it out. As 9am rolled around, the weather broke, the sun came out and we knew it was our time to make a move! We set out on foot and two hours later we came upon our destination. The rock formations were nothing short of what we expected. They were magnificent. I came across a pool of rainwater from the storm, with the rock reflecting perfectly in it. The sight stopped me in my tracks. As I set up my camera to take the shot, I paused, remembering all that went into this adventure. All I could think to myself was, wow, what "A Wild Ride!"

- Ross Lipson