I've always lived by the saying, "Luck is when hard work meets opportunity." It was a beautiful summer evening; I was cruising down the Oregon Coast when I came along a very unique setting. The tide was rolling over rocks a few hundred yards out into the ocean, and the sun was soon to set directly behind. The situation was very risky, but I knew it would be worth it. I gathered my gear, and set out, jumping from rock to rock to get as close as possible. With a nice shake in the leg, I made it. The swell was much bigger than it looked from shore. The waves were coming in overhead and breaking within feet of where I was standing. Fortunately the rocks dissolved the waves, and acted as a barrier, allowing me to stand there. Every few waves would come over and get me, making my legs shake. As I scrambled to set up my equipment, the sun was dropping behind the clouds. The magic then happened. The sky lit up with beautiful pinks, purples and oranges, as the water poured over the rocks right beneath me. As I hit the shutter, my thoughts were confirmed. The risk paid off! It was unquestionably "A Beautiful Risk."

- Ross Lipson