The Imaginary City drawings reflect on some of the common elements cities share: organic centers that become more grid-like as they expand, proximity and relationship to water, and geometric structures like networks or webs. This piece was made on 80 lb. sulphite drawing paper and comes unframed.

- Michael Wedge

Imaginary City #12

Pencil drawing on paper

Signed on front

10" h x 8" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Michael Wedge
Wyoming, New York

Getting to Know Michael

Michael Wedge works in a variety of mediums: sculpture, painting, mixed media and more. He oftentimes starts with a mental image and creates digital collages, which become the basis for his paintings. A lot of his work references themes from his personal life, such as the experience of living in a city versus in the countryside. If his art seems mysterious, it’s because he enjoys making complex works. “I am attracted to images or moments that seem to have something subtle or hidden under the surface,” he explains. When he’s not making art, he teaches it at an elementary school.