I based this piece off of an amazing sunset I saw one evening when I was walking with some friends. I took some pictures, and began drawing a few days later. This piece is created with chalk pastel on acid-free pastel paper. The pastel has not been treated with a fixative and will need to be framed for display.

- Anastasia Pimentel

Telephone Poles

Pastel artwork on paper

Signed on front and back

13" h x 11" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Anastasia Pimentel
Santa Clara, California

Getting to Know Anastasia

Anastasia Pimentel finds inspiration anywhere and everywhere. “I’ve often stopped in the middle of a run to snap a photo of an interesting plant or animal or (safely) stopped my car to take a picture of a cool building,” she explains. In each work, she strives to highlight the beauty she sees in the world. Pastel is her favorite medium because of its soft texture; she enjoys using her hands to form each composition. Whenever she’s not making art, you can find her reading or growing plants — she’s got a bit of a green thumb.