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Splash is an up-close depiction of the energy of falling water as it strikes the pool of water below. The fluidity of the water is contrasted with the hard rock face behind it. The rocks at the bottom of the shallow pool are slightly suggested. A texturing agent was applied to the toned, sanded pastel paper to increase the sense of depth and frenzied spray of the water.

Patricia Prendergast

Sacramento, California

Patricia Prendergast is known for her series of pastel impressionist drawings of Sacramento and the natural landscapes of California. Patricia spends hours walking alongside the river near her home, studying the light and colors and collecting source photos. She paints en plein air on her walks and also works from her home studio which opens onto a patio allowing the nature in. After retiring from her first career as a computer programmer, Patricia reflects how her craft has changed her perspective, “everything is more vivid - the beauty of light and shadow in the trees, the subtlety of the color of clouds, the sparkle and reflections in water.” To achieve her technique, Patricia may use a watercolor underpainting that is slightly visible in the final works, and she applies soft pastels to the sanded surface for an atmospheric effect. For a finishing touch, she may create 'splatters' of pastel dust by shaving the pastel onto the paper. Her landscape series is tied together with a Romantic mauve undertone and a haziness that suggest these pastels are just one moment in a larger natural rhythm. Her work as been exhibited in solo shows around California.

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