In making this piece, I was thinking of creating distance, a sense of mountains behind mountains going forever. The indigo in places on this piece is particularly textured and dark. I finish my pieces with soy milk, a natural alternative to fixative sprays. Because the deckled edge paper is dipped in a vat of fluid, it changes shape. It flattens back out a bit but is never as flat as newly pressed paper.

- Lynn Pollard

Indigo 6271

Paper manipulated and dipped in natural indigo traditional vat on paper

Signed on front

22" h x 30" w x .1" d
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Lynn Pollard
Atlanta, Georgia

Getting to Know Lynn

Lynn Pollard takes an unconventional, unique approach to depicting the landscape. Using paper and indigo vats, she creates landscapes that capture the serenity she sees in nature. She recently found inspiration in the undulating grass of a prairie. Lynn currently lives in Georgia and admires the work of Maya Lin and Andy Goldsworthy. When she's not making art, she enjoys garding, weaving and ballroom dancing. Fun fact: she can peel the skin of an apple in one long piece.