This piece is composed of acid-free paper and glue on wood. It was first conceived digitally. Then, three layers of paper were cut and glued together to create this pattern. My goal with this piece is to show that simple lines can, with time and inspiration, be transformed into something complex and original.  The artwork will require a frame for display.

- Roberta Blonkowski


Paper on wood

Signed on front

10.9" h x 25.5" w x .23" d
2 lbs. 5 oz.



Roberta Blonkowski
Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Brazil

Getting to Know Roberta

“My creative process is somewhere between play and discovery,” says Roberta. Paper is her medium of choice, in layers, which she cuts by hand into intricate geometric patterns. Roberta begins this process digitally, and then transfers the image to paper, where she is able to incorporate the element of texture. Each piece takes painstaking concentration and hours of work. Roberta’s artworks are marked by their clean yet complex structures. The inspiration for her art comes from her studies and career in the field of design. She has a studio in her home, where she likes to work with a constant companion, her golden retriever, always by her side.