Inspired by Violent Femmes' song "Country Death Song". The piece was made with a soldering iron on wood veneer. The veneer is held together by fabric glued on the back of the piece. It will need a frame for display. 

- Mauro Carichini

I Had Me A Wife

soldering iron on wood veneer on wood



12" h x 19" w x .8" d
1 lbs. 4 oz.



Mauro Carichini
Staten Island, New York

Getting to Know Mauro

Mauro Carichini, originally from Italy, has worked as a designer and art director in London, Milan, Barcelona, and now New York. Splitting his time between his design and fine art careers, it is clear that his interest in typography and graphic design have heavily influenced his visual art. His text-based paintings and mixed media artworks are inspired by song lyrics. A few bold lines of text dominate his minimalist and contemporary compositions. He plays with different surfaces, using found materials such as fabric, wood veneer, and silkscreens. The loose construction of the art combined with the directness of the words give the sense of a spontaneous creation, as if Mauro just heard the song and created the piece in immediate succession. This is how words and phrases often come to us, quickly and randomly. The song lyrics he uses are of popular songs by well known artists, such as The Violent Femmes and PJ Harvey. However, disconnected from the melody and reinterpreted in visual form, they may not be immediately recognizable. With the visual language of a poster or advertisement, the work feels defiant and explicit. It is also masculine and sensual. The classical male forms hint at the ancient Greek and Roman art Mauro must have seen growing up in Italy. Combining language and visual art, Mauro seeks to “find a balance between emotional and intellectual content.”