Kayleen Horsma
Menahga, Minnesota

There is a quintessential quality to the women in Kayleen Horsma’s paintings, reflected in the rosy cheeks and full lips. The soft, caricature like features are reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting; yet a tension exists in their direct gazes. Looking out at the viewer, their eyes project something a bit standoffish or dubious. The subjects’ unusual body language, a raised shoulder or cocked head, exudes a sense of uneasiness. They seem to be longing for something that may be out of reach, perhaps a life unlived, or a desire for change. Kayleen is able to render her characters with an expression that ignites empathy in the viewer. We are brought into the women’s private spaces and left to wonder who they are. Her use of bright colors provides a Pop Art feel, yet the serious nature of the expressions contrasts with this stylistic choice. This fluidity between sweet and sober imparts a lasting intrigue and keeps us returning to lock eyes with Kayleen’s subjects.

Artist and Customer Comments

Kayleen Horsma 3/12/2017 | 7:24 PM

Hello Jill, I am so happy to hear that you have found my work enticing amidst the thousands of beautiful work to be admired. I appreciate and feel honored that you would take the time to say. Thank you so much!

J Campbell 3/12/2017 | 6:37 PM

Sorry, something went wrong and I ended up with the painting "Pink"

J Campbell 3/12/2017 | 6:21 PM

I adore your sold piece called "Pucker"!!!!

J Campbell 3/12/2017 | 6:12 PM

Hi Kayleen, I've been looking for 17 years for faces that give me a challenge when I view them, they have beauty, they are thought provoking, on the unusual side, not perfect because I love imperfections. When I saw your women I was immediately taken with them. I was so excited to finally find what I was looking for. They are amazing in every way!! I'm now saving so I can buy one. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and talent with us. jill Campbell

P Rosenberg 3/20/2014 | 4:21 PM


Kayleen Horsma 3/12/2012 | 9:00 AM

Thank you Eileen.... So happy you like them :)

EILEEN 3/12/2012 | 6:04 AM


Kayleen Horsma 1/9/2012 | 1:46 PM

Kind of you to say...Thank you :)

Kayleen Horsma 12/31/2011 | 9:05 PM

I am thrilled that you like the paintings...Thank you so much! Kayleen

commentsSand Castles
P Lewis purchased this artwork. 12/31/2011 | 4:52 PM

Very, very pleased with my purchase. I love the simplistic lines and character faces. will probably purchase more of your work.

Kayleen Horsma 12/21/2011 | 3:48 PM

I just want to say thank you to all who have supported my work... I am so thrilled to say I am fully funded to take my first ever work shop at the Scottsdale Artists School the first two weeks of April... If you havn't had a chance to view my project/ slide show .. feel free with this link... I only want to share/ please don't feel I am asking for more- as I only want to say thank you for helping me get this far ! Have a wonderful holiday!

Kayleen Horsma 12/19/2011 | 11:09 PM

The painting is roughly a month or so old...I would have to go look at my blog entries to figure out the date.....@ my external blog you can always click on the images to view full screen to see a closer representation. I am happy that you like it...was very fun for me to paint :)

A Muson 12/19/2011 | 10:56 PM

The painting smelled like you had finished it very recently. Is that so? It's really so much more impressive in person than on the computer screen.

Kayleen Horsma 12/19/2011 | 10:11 PM

It means so much to me that the painting arrived safely and that you both love it!! Thank you!!

A Muson 12/19/2011 | 10:01 PM

Just received "Minding Her Own" and both my husband and I love it! We hung it within minutes of unpacking! Keep up the good work!

Kayleen Horsma 11/23/2011 | 11:35 PM

full screen view of 'Framed' or 'Minding Her Own' (click on the images for zoom) @

Kayleen Horsma 11/23/2011 | 11:31 PM

...just for fun- view my kickstarter project which has a narrated slideshow of my art work @

Kayleen Horsma 10/18/2011 | 9:25 PM

To me the ultimate of which no prize can compare... a sincere compliment shows me purpose while the monetary pays for supplies...your support, I hope, is as much a blessing for you as it is for I. - Thank you :)

commentsA Good Cup
W Luchsinger purchased this artwork. 10/18/2011 | 11:31 AM

---PREFACE---- I too am an artist. An artist who admires works of many of my fellow artists. However, I like most artists are stingy with our cash because we usually like to eat and have a roof over our poor talented souls. So, when an artist makes an effort to pry open their wallet in order to purchase a piece of work from another living artist it must mean there is something special about the work and the artist. --- END OF PREFACE --- I purchased Kayleen Horsma's 'A Good Cup' and was excited to have received it last week. Kayleen's style and compositions are in a class of their own, truly unique. The subject matter of Kayleen's paintings appear to be a snapshot of pensive repose with an undercurrent of unresolved emotion. Kayleen's use of the pure and unmuddied brush-stroke work exudes that ‘Less is more’. This artist has the gift of sublime understatement, a gift that few artists are privy to understand, much less able to master. I will cherish this fine piece of work alw

Kayleen Horsma 8/29/2011 | 10:52 PM

The piece is 5 foot square, oil on Belgian linen stretched on professional aluminum/wood stretchers, preserved with gamvar varnish. You can view full screen by clicking on the images at (a bit foggy pictures) of it @ *detailed shots can be viewed by clicking the 'older post' link to the right below the framed image.... Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing the piece and perhaps we can reach an agreement. (price is a significant amount higher than what is currently on Ugallery) ...Again, Thank you so much for your kindness! Kayleen

Kayleen Horsma 8/29/2011 | 10:42 PM

Thank you so much... your kindness is very much appreciated. "The Right Stuff" depicts a gallery setting with two men and a woman in the foreground with Norman Rockwell paintings on the gallery walls in the background as well as "browsers." The four Norman Rockwell paintings in the background of the painting are, from left to right, "No Swimming," "Strictly A Sharpshooter," "100th Yr of Baseball" and "The Flirts." After the debut of ArtPrize- (winners are chosen by public vote), critics voiced concern over whether the concept of the general public vote would have a negative impact on the art world. Norman Rockwell has also been snubbed by many critics , was his work was art or illustration? ....Evoking the question of whether an artwork has to have "the right stuff", leading to the title. It is a tribute piece to Norman Rockwell and in keeping with the contest's unique format of allowing the general public to decide what good art is. The piece is 5 foot square, oil on belgian lin

commentsA Field Of Dreams
L Moore 8/29/2011 | 8:46 PM

I absolutely love your work. What about the piece you are posing with? I am looking for a large piece for a diningroom. Very, very beautiful.

Kayleen Horsma 7/7/2011 | 2:26 PM

Thank you so much that you love it...nice to hear from you :)

Mel 7/7/2011 | 1:53 PM

I purchased and just received your Boisterous Blossom #3 and it is even more beautiful in person than on the computer. Thanks so much; I love it!

Kayleen Horsma 6/16/2011 | 10:52 PM

Delighted to be chosen as the inaugural Master Artist of the FWAC ...

Kayleen Horsma 5/11/2011 | 1:05 PM

Honored to have been selected by Ugallery to be a part of their AAF 2011 show. I decided share a small portion in retrospect, as well the observance of similarity towards Liepke and Kobayashi, on my personal blog.

Kayleen Horsma 5/5/2011 | 11:55 AM

Thanks so much for your comment... it really means alot to me... as I would really wish to be at the show in person...Your wife Christine does some very deserving work also!

DRomanell 5/5/2011 | 11:19 AM

Kayleen - Just wanted to comment on how beautiful your work looks up close and in person. I stopped by the AAF show in Manhattan last night with my wife (and fellow UGallery artist) Christine Soccio to check out the booth, and so your work hanging there. Very stunning, very bright and colorful, and very well done. Completely impressed with your art. I wish you much good success with all of it.

Kayleen Horsma 4/23/2011 | 1:14 PM

.. figured it out...some of my pages don't show the images... but was able to find the comment section on another page... I really like this piece too... Thanks again..

Kayleen Horsma 4/23/2011 | 1:10 PM

Thank you, so nice to get feedback... could you tell me the name of the piece? ..not sure which you refer to.. thanks again :)

commentsLooking Back
Gallery Bound 4/23/2011 | 12:00 PM

I absolutely love this piece! ~

Kayleen Horsma 4/22/2011 | 3:56 PM

Thank you :) I hope that was a good shiver :) So happy to hear from you, and that you like her! Will you get a chance to go to the AAF in NY? ... Quietude will be on display...

george habernig 4/22/2011 | 3:44 PM

QUIETUDE IS AMAZ INg...reminds me of someone/gave me the shivers lol

Kayleen Horsma 3/2/2011 | 4:20 PM

Thank you so much Kelly..... I appreciate your kindness, and am happy that you like my work :)

K Billington 3/2/2011 | 3:54 PM

Thanks for the beautiful painting..."close to you" have a great gift.

Kayleen Horsma 1/24/2011 | 8:44 PM

Thank you... looks like 'Chosen to Love' was chosen for you! I am so happy that you like the painting!

C G 1/24/2011 | 8:08 PM

Just received "Chosen to Love." While I knew I'd like the painting, I didn't expect it to take my breath away. Thank you!

Kayleen Horsma 1/5/2011 | 11:01 PM

...just wanted to say Thank You to the kind person who purchased my little 'Bonnie In Blue' ... I hope you are pleased with her as she has been a favorite of mine.

Kayleen Horsma 12/29/2010 | 2:07 PM

....hmmm.... imagine a powerful composition for the poor little boy ...could be a fun one....and swayed by the naughty little boy!

Kayleen Horsma 12/29/2010 | 2:00 PM

Thank you....she has been a favorite of many...I am especially pleased that you like her :)

commentsNot On The Lips # 2
D Power purchased this artwork. 12/29/2010 | 11:48 AM

Especially relevant composition since my little girl is going to be a teenager soon. BTW, if you do another painting depicting this girl's dad hitting the boy with a stick, I may be interested in that one too, HA!

D Power purchased this artwork. 12/29/2010 | 11:45 AM

Striking. Powerful piece of artwork, especially because of her eyes. Thanks!

Kayleen Horsma 10/20/2010 | 12:24 AM

After a long but exciting 3 weeks at Artprize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I am looking forward to building relationships on Ugallery. I have been painting now for roughly 20 years, often with the 'help' of my 6 children, the oldest now 18. Each day has been part of a journey that awaits opening a new door.


Oil painting on stretched canvas
Signed on front and back

20" h x 16" w x .75" d
2 lbs. 9 oz.


Artwork Details

Comments About This Piece

Tuulikki means "little wind" in Finnish, derived from the word tuuli, meaning "wind." This was the name of a Finnish forest goddess, the daughter of Tapio.

While allowing paint to guide my brush in an unplanned manner can be rewarding, similarly, understanding that my passion to paint as I please is not random. No matter what or how, the destination is a relative moment of closure and of feeling completion. 

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes varnished and ready to hang. 

Oil painting

Oil paint uses natural oils, such as linseed, poppy and walnut oil to bind the pigments. Oils are slow to dry, which allows the artist to rework the painting to achieve the desired effect. Also, they blend easily, which helps to achieve certain colors. With the rise of naturalism in 15th century Early Netherlandish painting, oil paints became preferred to quick drying tempera paint. Artists wanted a medium that would allow them to achieve detailed and precise effects in their paintings. Consider all of the detail in the masterpieces of Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch!

Stretched canvas

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