This piece is the first in a series inspired by idioms and fables, and takes its cues from the epigram "The Walnut Tree": 

They planted me, a walnut-tree, by the roadside
to amuse passing boys, as a mark for their well-aimed stones. All my twigs and flourishing shoots are broken,hit as I am by showers of pebbles.
It is no advantage for trees to be fruitful; I, indeed,
bore fruit only for my own undoing.

The universality of this theme is striking. It can be a metaphor for the pain of being hurt by someone you tried to help, or even a cautionary tale with startling relevance to our own climate crisis, as we worry that our earth will run out of fruit due to our own indifference. 

Rendered in oil paint with quick swipes of charcoal pencil over top, and featuring a muted palette that contrasts with its urgent subject matter, I hope that this piece captures the tension of the fable. 

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes ready to hang. 

- Sumner Crenshaw

The Walnut Tree

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on back

30" h x 24" w x 1" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.



Sumner Crenshaw
Hagerstown , Maryland

Getting to Know Sumner

Sumner Crenshaw infuses her work with movement, lines and varying degrees of color. She currently lives in Maryland and finds inspiration in the work of Salvador Dali. Her goal is to keep exploring the minimalist, narrative surrealism she's been moving toward.