I see a rutted country lane that dips and rises for miles. Rain has washed the land and pools of water line the roadside. Overhead the sky threatens. In the distance I can see more rain coming. No one in sight as a poet’s words come to mind, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both, and be one traveler. Long I stood, and looked down one as far as I could, to where it bent in the undergrowth.”  (The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost)

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas and the painting continues around the sides. The painting measures 24"H x 36"W x .75"D. It is custom framed in a shadow box presentation bringing the total dimensions to 32"H x 44"L x 1.5"D.The canvas is attached to a linen covered backing. Linen spacers and an aged, cherry finished wood molding complete the look. The linen gives light and space to the painting. The work comes varnished and ready to hang.

- Suzanne Massion

The Road Not Taken

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front and back

32" h x 44" w x 1.5" d
7 lbs. 6 oz.



Suzanne Massion
Hampshire, Illinois

Getting to Know Suzanne

When the land changes, Suzanne Massion’s paintings will remind you of the way it once was. She drives the back roads through the tall grass prairies and farmland of her native Illinois, stopping to paint en plein air when the moment strikes. She feels like she’s in a race to save a disappearing treasure as buildings burn or open space is paved over. Suzanne donates a portion of her sales to fund local land conservation efforts.