Naoko Paluszak
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Naoko Paluszak began her career by studying graphic design in Tokyo, followed by several years working as a designer, before switching to oil painting. Now located in the United States, Naoko continues to develop her style through different series of paintings that have varying degrees of abstraction. By bridging representational with non-representational forms, the artist seeks to stir personal memories and spark new narratives. “Art is about having a sense of mystery and drama,” she says. Naoko is also passionate about color. She mixes her paints based on the intuitive emotions that different colors can trigger within the viewer, and within herself.

Artist and Customer Comments

Naoko Paluszak 3/13/2017 | 11:05 PM

Thank you, Mr.Goldman. It is so nice of you to send me the photo and such a nice, warm comment. I am so happy and honored that my painting has found an owner who's having a special meaning toward the image and it will be cherished for years to come. Lucky me and lucky Henrietta!! :)

commentsFind Me Standing in the Light IV
G Goldman 3/10/2017 | 3:37 AM

Oops, I'm new to this so couldn't figure out how to upload the actual painting that I purchased. Instead it seems to have defaulted to the one shown. Hmmm.

commentsFind Me Standing in the Light IV
G Goldman 3/10/2017 | 3:34 AM

Thank you for this lovely piece. She looks like my middle sister and I feel as if she is serving as a kind of totem for my family lineage.

Naoko Paluszak 1/18/2016 | 8:51 PM

Thank you, A.Tobias!! It is so nice to hear from a happy collector and I'm so glad to hear that my paintings have found a happy home! :D

commentsWho Are These Angels LXVI
A Tobias purchased this artwork. 1/18/2016 | 12:19 PM

Bough this and another piece from Naoko Paluszak. Kept them both and love them! Wish I had more walls to put more of her pieces on!

commentsWho Are These Angels LXIV
A Tobias purchased this artwork. 1/18/2016 | 12:18 PM

Absolutely love this piece. I bought two paintings from Naoko Paluszak thinking I would select one. I kept them both! They delight me everytime I loo at them. Beautiful!!

Naoko Paluszak 11/6/2015 | 2:53 PM

Thank you so much, O Muratli, for your kind and encouraging words! Have a great weekend!! :D

O Muratli 11/6/2015 | 1:10 PM

great paintings, beautiful colors.

P Jones 4/15/2015 | 9:00 AM

I love your work! It is so amazing to me how many of us are painting these sort of angels. I would be interested in knowing how they come to you. Blessings

Naoko Paluszak 2/16/2015 | 9:04 PM

Thank you very much, S Luciano. I appreciate your kind words! :D

commentsIn the Light
S Luciano 2/16/2015 | 5:37 PM

So very beautiful, and emotional. I must have this!

Naoko Paluszak 1/14/2015 | 11:09 AM

Thank you very much, S Mathis, for the kind words!I am so happy you and your family are enjoying my art.Receiving a comment like yours always inspires me so much!!! Thanks again and have a great day! :D

S Mathis 1/13/2015 | 2:34 PM

My new painting, Who Are These Angels LXI, just arrived and it is already on the wall. I absolutely love it! Thank you for creating such beauty for my family to enjoy daily in our home.

Naoko Paluszak 12/31/2014 | 9:33 AM

Thank you!! and wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! \(^0^)/

commentsWho Are These Angels LVI
J Griffin purchased this artwork. 12/30/2014 | 10:50 AM

This painting is beautiful, I love looking at it. Gorgeous!

commentsProfile with Black Panther
J Griffin purchased this artwork. 12/30/2014 | 10:49 AM

Love my new painting, so gorgeous!

Naoko Paluszak 8/13/2014 | 8:20 AM

Thank you!! I am so glad to hear that my painting fitted so well in your new home and being appreciated so much!! So happy it had found a perfect home!! :D

commentsWho Are These Angels XXII
D Tripp purchased this artwork. 8/12/2014 | 8:10 PM

The colors in this work provided the splash that I was looking to achieve in the master bedroom of a new home that is all done in earth tones, including gold, so the hem of this angel's dress pulls it all together. thank you Naoko!

Naoko Paluszak 5/19/2014 | 3:06 PM

Susie, Your comments inspired ME very much!! Thank you for making my painting take a part of your new beginning :D

commentsWho Are These Angels XIV
Susie purchased this artwork. 5/17/2014 | 11:43 AM

After a divorce left me with an empty house, I decided that instead of filling it quickly with "stuff", I would fill it slowly with beautiful, meaning things. This was one of the first things I purchased. I adore my angel. She is lovely and very special to me.

W Schermerhorn 5/13/2014 | 10:14 AM

I am looking for the artwork by Naoko called "Walking in Grace"

Naoko Paluszak 11/1/2013 | 8:12 PM

Thank you, M Lester, for your sweet comment! "Who are these Angels XXIII" is one of my favorites, too!! :)

M LESTER 11/1/2013 | 6:17 PM

Naoko - your work is just stunning. I am saving my money so that I can purchase Who Are These Angels XXIII. I love it!

Naoko Paluszak 2/22/2013 | 1:31 AM

Thank you very much!! (^_^)/

K Champion-Morton 2/22/2013 | 12:46 AM


Naoko Paluszak 2/6/2013 | 8:16 AM

To feel being appreciated is not an everyday thing to an artist and receiving a comment like yours is one of the things that keep artists going! Thank you, EG, for your kind words!

EG 2/5/2013 | 8:03 PM

I just received Who Are These Angels X, and it is beautiful. I just keep looking at it. I can't wait to have it framed and hung! Thank you for your wonderful work!

Naoko Paluszak 12/20/2012 | 11:15 PM

Thank you, Janet, for your kind words! :)

commentsWho Are These Angels XV
Jwoodrome 12/18/2012 | 10:39 PM

I'm borrowing this lovely image for my Pinterest boards. Thank you for sharing your amazing art! Janet Woodrome, Austin, Texas

Naoko Paluszak 4/24/2012 | 8:50 AM

Thank you, J. Shashaty, for your encouraging comments about my work! Most of the time being an artist is a lonely job where one struggles to obtain some sense of self justification. Hearing kind words from a new patron gives me a great feeling. Thanks again! :)

commentsWho Are These Angels III
J Shashaty purchased this artwork. 4/23/2012 | 12:22 PM

It was so hard to choose which painting to purchase, as all of them are so beautiful. But this one really stood out because of the coloring. Just gorgeous. And it looks great hung up on my red wall. I will be looking at your future work to add to my collection.

Naoko Paluszak 4/20/2012 | 12:27 PM

Thank You!! :)

J Vineyard 4/18/2012 | 10:25 PM

Beautiful pieces!!

Naoko Paluszak 2/23/2012 | 7:15 AM

Hi D Slosar, Thank you for your purchase! I am so glad you liked the piece. I've done some commission works, one as big as 60" x 84", but most of my works fall in the sizes between 24x20 to 40x30 range. Thanks again!

commentsRepose in Red Chair
D Slosar purchased this artwork. 2/21/2012 | 11:11 AM

Really drawn to the colors in this piece, lovely in person, wish it were bigger but I will keep following this artist!

Naoko Paluszak 12/8/2011 | 8:44 AM

Thank you, M Bellamy. It is always so inspiring and feel grateful to hear such encouraging comments from a collector. I am so glad that you like my painting! Naoko

M Bellamy 12/7/2011 | 12:54 PM

Hi N! The painting arrived today! It is so beautiful! It has totally transformed my office! I'm wondering about a commissioned piece to go along with this one. I'll check out that part of this site. I'm so pleased!

Naoko Paluszak 12/3/2011 | 10:41 PM

Thank you, M Bellamy. Unfortunately, I don't have a gallery that showing my works in Atlanta, yet. I do have galleries that carry my works in Key West, Tucson, Arizona and Hawaii, though. Please check my web sight at However the works you see here are exclusively represented by UGallery. Thanks again for interested in my works and have a Happy Holidays! N Paluszak

M Bellamy 12/2/2011 | 3:08 PM

I really love your work! I happen to live in Roswell, GA - not too far from you! Any chance your works are on display locally? I'm very interested in making a purchase by the end of the year.

Naoko Paluszak 9/1/2011 | 10:47 PM

Thank you very much!

commentsWho Are These Angels
D. Combs 9/1/2011 | 1:39 PM

Gorgeous and evocative. I love this series.

commentsWho Are These Angels
D. Combs 9/1/2011 | 1:38 PM

Gorgeous and evocative. I really like your work.

The Girl in the Pink Taffeta

Oil painting on stretched canvas
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20" h x 16" w x .75" d
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This portrait of a woman is contemporary in style with bold brushstrokes. The painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes ready to hang. 

Oil painting

Oil paint uses natural oils, such as linseed, poppy and walnut oil to bind the pigments. Oils are slow to dry, which allows the artist to rework the painting to achieve the desired effect. Also, they blend easily, which helps to achieve certain colors. With the rise of naturalism in 15th century Early Netherlandish painting, oil paints became preferred to quick drying tempera paint. Artists wanted a medium that would allow them to achieve detailed and precise effects in their paintings. Consider all of the detail in the masterpieces of Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch!

Stretched canvas

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