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T.V. Party Tonight!

Stow Miller

Oil painting on Stretched canvas

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


Signed on back


12 " h x 9 " w x .62 " d |4 lbs. 0 oz.




Contemporary interpretation of a baroque portrait. Dark, dramatic background, blue headscarf, and dripping rose. "This piece is dedicated to the song "TV Party" by Black Flag as it was the song that was playing when I finished the piece," says Stow. "Though, hopefully it will help you stare at your T.V. less."

Stow Miller

Spokane, Washington

One of UGallery’s youngest emerging artists, Stow Miller has a fresh pop aesthetic that straddles a fine line between playful and provocative. The work tackles the convoluted arena of modern sexuality and the emotional complexities of young adulthood. Stow attempts to explore the ways in which young people perceive relationships and themselves using a cheeky visual narrative. His nudes allude to the sexual undercurrents of popular culture and commercial society, all the while remaining colorfully light-hearted.

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