My hometown in Zhejiang province is a water city in southern China. I always go there in my dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to its location, this painting will ship from the artist's studio in China un-stretched and rolled in a tube. The detail image is just to give a sense of how the work will look as a finished piece.

- Yi Tian

Memory of My Hometown: Watercity

Oil painting on unstretched canvas

Signed on front

20" h x 20" w 
10 lbs. 0 oz.



Yi Tian
Wenzhou, China

Getting to Know Yi

Yi Tian, a China-based artist, delights in the joys of painting. A very playful painter, Yi captures a naïve and charming quality in his work. His paintings have an allegorical aspect that suggest an underlying storyline in each piece. From ship decks to Chinese towns, the mind rushes into his various scenes to fill in the work’s painterly details. With a palette that is colorful and lively, each canvas has a beautiful and delicate nature. Upon closer inspection, the details in his brushwork have a sculpted quality. With his darker line work, Yi hints at historic Chinese art references and his calligraphic command of paint.