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Oil painting on Wood New

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6" h x 6" w x 1.5" d |0 lbs. 8 oz.

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My petite paintings explore portraiture through abbreviated, awkward compositions. They each feature a section of the human face or body rendered in expressively naturalistic detail. These little pieces say a lot about their subject; they convey surprising amounts of intimacy, character, and experiences despite their size. Their stature draws the viewer in to see intricate brushstrokes, while what is not included leaves a sense of longing.

Shaina Craft

Chicago, Illinois

Shaina’s figurative work spans the range from realism to abstraction, a dichotomy which she finds to be an ongoing inner conflict within her work. “It’s a search for balance and subtlety,” she says. Shaina is also captivated by the relationship between the beautiful and the grotesque, as seen in her varying presentations of the female form. She works from her own source imagery in a process that includes underpainting, layers of paint, and glazing. When she’s not painting, Shaina also makes tiles and pottery for a local ceramics shop.

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Shaina Craft 2/8/2018 | 6:18 PM

That's very kind, thanks. I try to capture the essence of the moment as best I can.

commentsPeep Show 9
R Webb purchased this artwork. 2/2/2018 | 9:43 AM

Love your work. Very insightful.

Lisa R 1/29/2018 | 11:41 AM

I ordered three of these Peep show pieces and I just love them! Shaina's work is so detailed and beautiful..and has a lot of presence - they're arresting - they catch my attention when I walk by them. Thank you!

Shaina Craft 1/2/2018 | 1:58 PM

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!

commentsPeep Show 6
A Segel purchased this artwork. 1/2/2018 | 1:00 PM

Fantastic and well executed! Love the piece.


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