Sheila Finch
Belmont, California

Sheila spends many hours studying clouds from the cockpit of her sailboat in the south San Francisco Bay. She’s frequently blessed with beaming sunrises and storms that create beautiful displays of light streaming across the salt flats or shimmering off the nearby coastal mountain range. Sheila’s award-winning paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Europe. She has received recognition from the National Arts Appreciation Program, as well as put on a prestigious show of work at L’Espace Bateau Lavoir in Paris.

Artist and Customer Comments

Sheila Finch 1/5/2017 | 1:19 PM

Thank you for your feedback, Dianne and Jim! I'm so pleased you love your Coastal Clouds painting and that it's even prettier than the photos show! Warmest wishes, Sheila

commentsCoastal Clouds 29
D Newcomb purchased this artwork. 1/4/2017 | 11:30 PM

Sheila, We were thrilled to get Coastal Clouds 29 just in time for Christmas. The painting is more beautiful than the photo! Your ability to capture light is amazing and the colors of the painting have so much depth that you feel like you are really viewing the clouds above! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Dianne and Jim

Sheila Finch 3/17/2016 | 10:22 AM

I am honored that my painting, "Coastal Light", is included in Coastal Living Magazine's March Issue, "True Colors".

Sheila Finch 3/19/2015 | 9:37 AM

Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love using color as the main component in creating my uplifting, positive paintings!

S Stewart 3/15/2015 | 7:37 AM

Hi I love the colour you bring to your paintings. they are just amazing .

Sheila Finch 9/7/2014 | 7:42 PM

Yesterday I had the honor to be the Judge for "Explorations in Colored Pencil III", at the Peninsula Gallery in San Mateo California. This was a competition within the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America. These paintings, all created in colored pencil, were incredible! I had no idea such beautiful work could be created in this medium!

Sheila Finch 9/2/2014 | 2:56 PM

So nice of you to comment! I do work to create positive feelings through my paintings... hope, faith, an uplifting of the spirit... Glad you are enjoying them!

commentsPassing Light
M Tadros 9/2/2014 | 12:45 PM

this painting gives me hope just by looking at it through the internet you must be a beautiful person to do this beauty

Sheila Finch 6/26/2014 | 12:32 PM

Thank you so much for your kind remarks about my paintings! Such nice comments from collectors (and FUTURE collectors!) like you fill me with gratitude... I would be honored to one day have my paintings hanging in your home.

R Baker 6/26/2014 | 12:15 PM

Gorgeous work! I look forward to purchasing one of your beautiful paintings (but have a leaky flat roof to fix first). I'm so glad I found your work - you're an incredible artist with tremendous talent. I love your use of color and the way your paintings make me feel. Bye for now!

Sheila Finch 2/10/2014 | 9:53 AM

I've just posted my first video on YouTube! The four minute video shows me painting a new piece over a period of about three days. Here's the link: Enjoy! Sheila

Sheila Finch 4/2/2013 | 11:35 AM

I am thrilled to have Heavenly Light-5 hanging in your beautiful home! This image is an early morning scene close to our marina. The sky was filled with upswept clouds reflecting in the pool of water collected in the salt flats below. Some of my most inspiring scenes are found here!

D Newcomb 4/1/2013 | 10:30 PM

Sheila, We are so thrilled to finally have one of your works. We have the perfect location for Heavenly Light 5. It is a breathtaking painting. The colors are so vivid that I can visualize being there.

Sheila Finch 3/15/2013 | 7:24 AM

I am so pleased that you love the painting, "Tidal Pools". This painting was inspired by the tidal pools of the Fitzgerald Marine Park off the coast north of Half Moon Bay. It's a magical, beautiful area filled with color that's only accessible when the tide is low. It's just north of the famous Mavericks surf competition on the coast south of San Francisco.

commentsTide Pools
H Wiley purchased this artwork. 3/14/2013 | 9:19 PM

Sheila, I am so pleased with your beautiful work. The painting was pictured very accurately on the website.

Sheila Finch 3/6/2013 | 6:53 PM

I am thrilled to announce that one of my paintings, "South Bay", has been chosen by Crate and Barrel for a limited edition print! In early April they will fly me out to the East Coast to sign the edition!

Sheila Finch 12/23/2012 | 10:07 AM

The storms we get here in Northern California from December through April create the most dynamic, inspiring skyscapes. My largest painting, "April Sky-Coastal Bluffs Park" and "Coastal Storm" were both inspired by images of the types of storms we're experiencing now throughout the month of December.

UGallery 11/1/2012 | 6:17 PM

Sheila! Your work is fantastic! We wrote about it on the blog. You can read it here:

Sheila Finch 10/30/2012 | 2:49 PM

I love painting water, wetlands and skies, especially now that I live on the water... literally, ON the water in my 40 foot sailboat! I draw much of my inspiration from the beautiful California sunrises and sunsets I see each day, both at the dock and when we're anchored out in exotic locations around the San Francisco Bay and northern coast of California.

Coastal Light II

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This piece was inspired by a visit to Siesta Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida. All the cloud colors of the sky were very light and bright, and the water was so clear that I could see schools of fish swimming in the waves. This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas and the painting continues around the sides. It comes ready to hang. 

Oil painting

Oil paint uses natural oils, such as linseed, poppy and walnut oil to bind the pigments. Oils are slow to dry, which allows the artist to rework the painting to achieve the desired effect. Also, they blend easily, which helps to achieve certain colors. With the rise of naturalism in 15th century Early Netherlandish painting, oil paints became preferred to quick drying tempera paint. Artists wanted a medium that would allow them to achieve detailed and precise effects in their paintings. Consider all of the detail in the masterpieces of Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch!

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