Jonelle Summerfield
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Although Jonelle Summerfield grew up surrounded by paintings, she initially gravitated toward fashion and design over fine art. Jonelle received her degree in Interior Design in 2001, after which her mother began teaching her to paint. It changed her life. Over the next ten years, Jonelle trained and painted extensively to become a full-time artist. She takes an impressionistic approach to romantic street scenes and city corners. The artist travels extensively throughout North America and Europe, photographing all of her own reference material. Jonelle says it is important for her to remember the mood and feeling of the location she’s painting.

Artist and Customer Comments

commentsCrossing the Brooklyn Bridge
S Rebell purchased this artwork. 5/30/2017 | 5:03 PM

My husband and I gave this painting to my daughter, who just moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. She and her boyfriend are both runners and they loved this luminous work (as do we!), which will have a prominent place in their home. It is a beautiful and meaningful painting, as are so many of Jonelle's. I am still enjoying another one I purchased previously, a waterfront scene in Venice.

commentsAfternoon Tea for One
K Phelan purchased this artwork. 1/1/2017 | 12:43 PM

Thank you Jonelle. I love the moment captured in this picture.

commentsBusy Street in Rome
X SantAnna purchased this artwork. 12/20/2016 | 2:10 PM

Jonelle, fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. It arrived within a week and it looks great!!!!Very very happy with my purchase. It brings back great memories of Rome for us.All of my friends make positive comments when they see it. thanks again!

Jonelle Summerfield 3/2/2016 | 3:43 PM

Hello V Boyne, Thank you for adding my work to your collection! I am glad you are happy with it!

Jonelle Summerfield 3/2/2016 | 3:41 PM

Hello Z L, Thank you very much, that means a lot!

Jonelle Summerfield 3/2/2016 | 3:39 PM

Hi Frank, Thank you very much for collecting my work! I love painting the streets of New York City, and there is no greater compliment than when someone from the city appreciates my portrayal of them! My goal is to capture the energy, moodiness and atmosphere that is different from any other place.

Frank 2/26/2016 | 11:13 AM

Hi Jonelle- "Five O'clock in Manhattan"- arrived and of course was terrific and now adds to my total of four Manhattan scenes which I keep in a vertical column on the wall. I had to grab it quickly because many people are after your Manhattan works. Thanks, Frank

Z L 2/17/2016 | 8:35 AM

I just wanted to comment to tell you that your artwork is terrific and is a highlight for me on this website. Always look forward to seeing new stuff from you.

Frank 1/8/2016 | 7:27 AM

Hi Jonelle- "Rainy Day in Manhattan III" arrived quickly and was just perfect to complete my 12x12 trilogy of your Manhattan works which fit my art wall perfectly. Thank you and please keep on paining. Cheers, Frank

Frank 12/29/2015 | 8:05 AM

See Jonelle- I waited patiently, checked everyday and lo and behold you added a new Manhattan scene in a 12"x12" format which I wanted to compliment the other two I already have. I grabbed it quickly before the your many other followers would be after it! That made my New Year's and a happy one to you Jonelle.

commentsLone Gondolier
V Boyne purchased this artwork. 11/6/2015 | 9:46 AM

I love this painting. We included it as part of a gallery wall in our living room and the colors and details are lovely.

Frank 8/21/2015 | 7:57 AM

Hi Jonelle- Just to note that I just received "Rainy Night in Manhattan ll" and it is all I hoped it would be. Pleased don't stop doing more Manhattan scenes. Cheers, Frank

Frank 8/7/2015 | 1:56 PM

Hi again Jonelle- I woke up this morning to find what I was hoping for faster than I thought- 3 more of your great portrayals of New York City. Before I even finished my coffee, one was already gone so I wasted no more time and took a "Rainy Night in Manhattan II" before that was gone. A great scene and I actually worked right down the block from Grand Central Station and it brought back so many memories. I can see you have quite a number of fans from NYC- don't stop now!!!! Cheers, Frank

Frank 8/3/2015 | 12:21 PM

Hi Jonelle- Just received "Crossing Times Square" and it was just what I hoped for- Delightfully textured and bustling with so many things to see in the painting- it takes time to capture it all and then some. Just what New York City and Times Square in particular is all about. Thank you and please do more of NYC- You certainly know the it well!!!!! Cheers, Frank

Frank 7/24/2015 | 10:24 AM

Hi Jonelle- Your work is outstanding and I learned the hard way that if I waited a day to order one of your paintings it would be gone!!!! This time I took no chances and quickly ordered "Crossing Times Square" on of the few New York City scenes left. As a born New Yorker I just had to have it. You are very prolific and Im sure there will be more. Im happy I discovered your work in time. Cheers, Frank

Jonelle Summerfield 4/5/2015 | 2:32 PM

M Wallace: I'm glad you like the painting! I'm always happy when a painting brings back good memories!

commentsJefferson Market Library
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 4/5/2015 | 2:14 PM

It is all and more than I could imagine. Beautiful and the Library brings back so many good memories.

Jonelle Summerfield 3/16/2015 | 1:41 PM

M Wallace: That would be a great site to see every day, it is a beautiful building! Thank you for your purchase!

M Wallace 3/14/2015 | 1:26 PM

I live across the street, 1 Christopher St, from the Jefferson Library and look down on it daily. Beautiful and nostalgic.

Jonelle Summerfield 3/13/2015 | 4:51 PM

M Wallace: Thank you so much for your purchase! It was a fun picture to paint... it is actually the kitchen in my great grandparents' house.

commentsVintage Kitchen
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 2/24/2015 | 4:22 AM

As always, just beautiful and full of fun.

Jonelle Summerfield 1/11/2015 | 5:48 PM

I'm glad you are happy with the painting of Trouville! Thank you for your purchase and for visiting UGallery!

Tigrauer 1/11/2015 | 10:07 AM

We love our painting Trouville, France. It is just beautiful. Thank you for putting your work on UGallery where we could find it!

Jonelle Summerfield 8/25/2014 | 10:39 AM

C Ellis, Thank you very much for your purchase, I'm so glad you are happy with it!

Jonelle Summerfield 8/25/2014 | 10:37 AM

J Teevens, Thank you very much! I also have never met anyone with the same name spelling as ours.

Jonelle Summerfield 8/25/2014 | 10:34 AM

R Keil, Thank you very much for adding another painting to your collection! I'm glad you are happy with them!

commentsHonfleur Boats IV
C Ellis purchased this artwork. 8/25/2014 | 7:53 AM

Love this painting I bought!

J Teevens 8/22/2014 | 12:38 PM

You are the first person I have found with the exact name as my own, Jonelle! Love your work. I work for a non-profit art education company in Silicon Valley and just stumbled upon this site. Great way to promote artist's works.

commentsHonfleur Boats
R Keil purchased this artwork. 8/8/2014 | 7:22 PM

This is our third original. Each scene is vivid and brings us into the setting

Jonelle Summerfield 8/8/2014 | 12:17 PM

Y Durr: Thank you very much for your purchase, I'm glad you are happy with the painting!

Jonelle Summerfield 8/8/2014 | 12:14 PM

Michelle: Thank you very much! All things French are my favorite subjects at the moment!

Jonelle Summerfield 8/8/2014 | 12:12 PM

M. Wallace: Thank you so much for your recent purchases! I'm glad you are happy with the paintings!

Y Durr 8/8/2014 | 12:17 AM

We really enjoy this painting. Thank you!

commentsCafe Table in Honfleur
Michelle 6/12/2014 | 11:57 PM

This is so peaceful, and beautiful. I knew it was in France, before I read what it was about. The french can display such alluring elegance , using subtly. Well done Jonelle!

commentsVenice Canal III
D Enochson purchased this artwork. 6/11/2014 | 7:09 PM

I'm so happy to have added this piece to my collection - it's even more beautiful in person!

commentsSpringtime in Amsterdam
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 4/21/2014 | 1:13 PM

As always, the painting is better than one can imagine.

commentsSpringtime in Amsterdam
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 4/21/2014 | 1:13 PM

As always, the painting is better than one can imagine.

commentsVictorian Bedroom
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 1/27/2014 | 1:26 PM

All that I expected and much more.

Jonelle Summerfield 1/11/2014 | 8:07 PM

L David: Thank you very much for your purchases! I'm so glad you are happy with them!

l david 1/10/2014 | 7:20 PM

I just received the paintings I purchased. I love them! They're more beautiful than expected. You have captured the beauty we experienced in Europe.

Jonelle Summerfield 1/9/2014 | 4:10 PM

D Walters: Thank you very much!

Jonelle Summerfield 1/9/2014 | 3:58 PM

D Enochson: Thank you very much for adding my work to your collection! Painting scenes from my travels helps me fondly remember the places I've visited, and I'm glad it does the same for others!

D Walters 1/7/2014 | 1:56 AM many fine artists but I just love Jonelle Summerfield's work!

commentsReading at the Pub
D Enochson purchased this artwork. 1/1/2014 | 10:41 PM

Just want to let you know how much I love this piece! I had my eye on it after you posted it on your blog-the comments adding to the specialness of the piece. I love your way with depicting light, and since we've traveled to a lot of the same places I instantly have an emotional connection to many of your pieces. Hope to collect more along the way!

Jonelle Summerfield 12/29/2013 | 2:33 PM

T Orgel, Thank you so much for including my artwork in your collection and for displaying it in such a prominent place in your home!

T Orgel 12/23/2013 | 8:17 PM

I'm very happy with my recent pruchase of "Louvre II." It's hanging in my dining room and I know it'll provide years of conversation and enjoyment!

Jonelle Summerfield 12/5/2013 | 11:15 AM

E Weinman, Thank you very much! Considering the number of great artists on Ugallery, that is a huge compliment!

Jonelle Summerfield 12/2/2013 | 10:46 AM

C. McNeese, Thank you very much for adding two of my paintings to your collection! I am glad you are happy with them and hope you continue to enjoy them!

commentsThe Regulars
E Weinman purchased this artwork. 12/1/2013 | 11:49 AM

Jonelle's artistry certainly stands out from the crowd for composition and subtlety in the use of light within color. Definitely one of Ugallery's more intriguing artists.

C McNeese 11/30/2013 | 6:28 AM

So very pleased with "The Streets of Dublin" and "Venice Canal II"! You are so talented and I love your work. Thank you for sharing!

M Wallace 11/17/2013 | 5:31 AM

Ms Summerfield my work is nothing more than my effort to cope with teaching kids in NYC for thirty years. Loved it, but very stressful.

Jonelle Summerfield 11/16/2013 | 7:11 PM

Mike, It is a huge honor to have my work as such a large part of your collection, thank you again for adding my work! I would also like to view your paintings, please let me know if you have a website!

commentsVenice Canal IV
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 11/10/2013 | 1:34 PM

I was thrilled with it from the moment I saw it posted for sale and now that I have it framed and up on the living room wall among, some of my own; my friends are wowed by it. Jonelle Summerfiedld now has the honor to have more works in my house than any other artist (not counting me).

Jonelle Summerfield 11/2/2013 | 4:33 PM

Mike, Thank you so much for adding Venice Canal IV to your collection!

Jonelle Summerfield 11/2/2013 | 4:26 PM

Bonnie, Thank you very much for your purchase! I'm glad you are happy with the painting and that it brings back good memories!

M Wallace 11/1/2013 | 4:05 PM

I am just in love with these Venice pieces. When I was teaching in Germany, I use to go to Venice whenever I had a long week end. Thank you they are wonderful. Mike

commentsCape May Beach VII
B Pearson purchased this artwork. 10/3/2013 | 12:23 AM

I love the painting! You really captured a summer beach scene. The sand and water are just as I've seen it so many times. I love how you captured the girls playing in the sand. It reminds me of my youth on the Pacific coast. It is one of the best pieces of art that I have ever purchased and I have been collecting for 40 years now. -Bonnie Corinne Pearson

Jonelle Summerfield 5/16/2013 | 3:29 PM

M.W.: Thank you for another purchase! I am glad you are happy with the new painting!

M Wallace 5/2/2013 | 5:21 AM

"Stone House in Versailles" is now my fourth purchase and my favorite (wow four favorites). Again I must say Ms Summerfield's work is hauntingly beautiful.

Jonelle Summerfield 4/28/2013 | 7:57 PM

E.K.: Thank you very much! Vienna is one of my favorite cities!

commentsDemel of Vienna
E Koch purchased this artwork. 4/28/2013 | 3:39 PM

Serene, also, brings memories of Vienna. Appreciate the positioning of the two women - they share remembrances!

Jonelle Summerfield 4/8/2013 | 8:12 PM

K.S.: Thank you very much for your purchase! I'm glad "Saint Germain at Night" found a good home!

K Spennicchia 4/8/2013 | 4:26 PM

"Saint Germain at Night" came home with me yesterday; was also VERY drawn to your "Drawing Room II". Working on placement and a frame to do it justice.

Jonelle Summerfield 2/23/2013 | 2:07 PM

M.W.: Thank you so much! It is a privilege to have my work as part of your collection!

commentsCafe Sperl
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 2/19/2013 | 1:37 PM

I am now the proud owner of three very beautiful,masterly art works and I thank God for your great talent.

Jonelle Summerfield 2/4/2013 | 12:56 PM

M.W.: Wow, that's a huge compliment! Thank you so much!

commentsDrawing Room
M Wallace 2/1/2013 | 7:20 AM

Paul Cezanne and Edward Hopper spirit are evident in Summerfield's work. I just wish that I could have them all; alas "ain't gonna happen".

Jonelle Summerfield 1/10/2013 | 4:25 PM

K.F.: Thank you very much!

Jonelle Summerfield 1/10/2013 | 4:23 PM

A.D.: Thank you very much, I'm glad you like the painting! Next time I visit Paris, I will be sure to visit those two chocolate shops for photos (as well as for chocolate!)

Jonelle Summerfield 1/10/2013 | 4:21 PM

Thank you!

commentsBrasserie Lipp
A Danso purchased this artwork. 1/8/2013 | 10:54 AM

It is a beautiful painting of Brasserie Lipp which I passed on my way to Richart Chocolate also on Boulevard St. Germain. Jonelle, time permitting when you are in Paris, can you please make an inside painting of Richart Chocolate or La Mason du Chocolate on Faubourg St. Honore. I’ll add them to my collection.

commentsCafe Braunerhof
K Fenner purchased this artwork. 1/6/2013 | 9:08 AM

Last summer, we ate most days at an Imbissstube in a village near Ulm. This is so evocative of that place!

commentsBrasserie Lipp
A Danso 11/30/2012 | 4:18 PM

Outstanding pieces - remind me of Paris

commentsMetal Bathtub
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 10/27/2012 | 1:32 PM

Wonderful painting, thank you

G Adamchik 7/27/2012 | 8:12 AM

very interesting,nice job

Jonelle Summerfield 6/29/2012 | 10:39 PM

J Maher: Thank you very much!

Jonelle Summerfield 6/29/2012 | 10:38 PM

M Wallace: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the painting!

commentsBusy Cafe
J Maher 6/27/2012 | 3:50 AM

I really love your work.

commentsWalking and Talking
M Wallace purchased this artwork. 6/22/2012 | 2:05 PM

The painting is darker than what comes through on the computer screen, That being said, it is beautiful and I am very happy with it. Thank you.

Jonelle Summerfield 4/14/2012 | 3:16 PM

Victoria, Thank you so much for your purchases! I am so glad you like the paintings, and am flattered that you gave them such a prominent display area! Jonelle

commentsParis Boulevard
V Dolan purchased this artwork. 4/13/2012 | 10:07 AM

For Jonelle, I want you to know all three pieces I purchased from you are framed & proudly displayed - centered stage - in my formal living room above the settee. Your pieces are the first thing the eye is drawn to when entering the room. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! Victoria

Busy Street in Rome

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Signed on front

24" h x 30" w x 2" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.


Artwork Details

Comments About This Piece

The streets of Rome are chaotic as pedestrians and drivers alike navigate the city. The storefronts along streets such as this one offer many temptations in the form of coffee, crostini, pastries, and clothing shops. Everyone is in a hurry to see as many of these places as possible. 

This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished raw umber edges. It comes ready to hang. 

Oil painting

Oil paint uses natural oils, such as linseed, poppy and walnut oil to bind the pigments. Oils are slow to dry, which allows the artist to rework the painting to achieve the desired effect. Also, they blend easily, which helps to achieve certain colors. With the rise of naturalism in 15th century Early Netherlandish painting, oil paints became preferred to quick drying tempera paint. Artists wanted a medium that would allow them to achieve detailed and precise effects in their paintings. Consider all of the detail in the masterpieces of Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch!

Stretched canvas

Canvas is a heavy-duty fabric used as a painting surface. When a canvas artwork is labeled stretched, it means the canvas has been wrapped around a wooden frame (the ''stretcher''). Stretched canvases typically do not require framing.


A one-of-a-kind artwork is a unique piece handmade by the artist. There is only one in existence. The work may be part of a series, however, the piece itself is unlike any other. This piece is available exclusively at UGallery.


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