Vahe Yeremyan
North Hollywood, California

Vahe is an Armenian-born painter currently based in Los Angeles. He trained extensively to hone his craft, earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Painting as well as a PhD in Fine Art Therapy. He speaks of painting as his lifeblood, and spends nearly all of his time with a paintbrush in hand. Vahe’s impressionist landscapes pay tribute to the 19th century masters while adding a contemporary perspective that speaks to the delicate and sublime beauty of the natural world. His paintings have been exhibited around the globe, from Russia to California, and he is an honorable member of The Artist’s Guild of Armenia and an active member of Oil Painters of America.

Artist and Customer Comments

Vahe Yeremyan 2/6/2017 | 11:46 PM

Dear Pearl Ann Hendrix, Thank you for kind reply, It is my pleasure to know that you like it. I am looking foreword to see you again. Best Regards, Vahe

P Hendrix 2/3/2017 | 5:46 PM

Thank you for the Grand Sunset! We love it in our home and whenever we look at it we smile. It is such a peaceful, happy and gorgeous piece of art!

commentsWinter Day
A Dosso 12/22/2016 | 1:34 PM

this is beautiful like all your work ! annie

commentsWinter Day
A Dosso 12/22/2016 | 1:34 PM

this is beautiful like all your work ! annie

commentsSanta Maria Venice
J Wilson 11/28/2016 | 10:01 PM

Santa Maria has the light of that region very well. (Canaletto would be delighted!)

Vahe Yeremyan 3/12/2016 | 1:51 AM

I am very happy to know that you liked the painting. P.S. Thank you for valuable advice, I would take it into consideration. Sincerely, Vahe.

commentsAutumn Colors
F Kingery purchased this artwork. 3/10/2016 | 7:08 PM

This was beautiful but the colors didn't work in my room so I exchanged it for "Early Morning Grand Canyon" which I received today. I love it. Thank you. Just one point I would like to make - it would be nice if you painted the sides of the canvas, as well because then the buyer doesn't have to get it framed.

F Dumas 10/3/2015 | 1:22 AM

I have 3 of your pieces. There are several more that I want. I just love your style!

F Dumas 10/3/2015 | 1:22 AM

I have 3 of your pieces. There are several more that I want. I just love your style!

F Dumas 10/3/2015 | 1:22 AM

I have 3 of your pieces. There are several more that I want. I just love your style!

pelennorfields 9/26/2015 | 4:46 PM

Astute understanding of light.

Vahe Yeremyan 9/23/2015 | 8:22 PM

Thank you !

Frank 9/21/2015 | 7:12 PM

Hi Vahe- I just ordered "A Rest in the Meadow" and want to say that all of your work is outstanding. Please ensure that it is ready to hang with a wire etc. Many thanks, Frank

commentsSpring Field
P Smith purchased this artwork. 3/8/2015 | 4:21 PM

I love Vahe Yeremyan's paintings! I would buy all of them if I could! Spring Field is gorgeous!! Thank you Vahe!

P Smith 3/3/2015 | 1:39 PM

I purchased the BEAUTIFUL "Spring Field." It is more gorgeous than I even imagined. I feel as if I could walk right into the scene. Thank you Mr. Yeremyan. I enjoy it every day! You are most talented. I'll be looking for my next purchase!

M Saucedo purchased this artwork. 1/24/2015 | 2:32 PM

Dear Mr. Yeremyan, I haven't hung your painting yet. I am going to get it framed. Probably a simple walnut frame. I like your style very much: the sharp, detailed points of lines, and the quick brush strokes are a very nice juxtaposition. There is another oil of some birch trees; I almost couldn't decide. But these strawberries spoke to me. Thank you.

T Tallarigo 11/17/2014 | 8:27 AM

Simply love your work Vahe! The colors, texture, composition, and movement is wonderful! Truly gifted.

K Khaki 7/4/2014 | 10:06 PM

Nice arts collection

commentsAutumn in the Village
C Saavedra 1/15/2014 | 3:15 PM

Your work is beautiful. I can't wait to acquire a piece for my home.

C McNeese 11/30/2013 | 6:30 AM

Your still life painting of Apples is wonderful! I am so enjoying having it in my home. Thank you for enriching my world with your art.

Patrick 10/23/2013 | 7:39 PM

[Water Lilies] I love this piece. It makes a great addition to my home. I particularly enjoy how the paint was scraped away in part to make the overall affect of light on a pond.

commentsA Quiet Autumn Day
N Clark purchased this artwork. 9/1/2013 | 10:51 AM

Absolutely fantastic work. I especially like the almost marble or granite like pattern of the sky, the really well done tree trunks and branches, and the selection of colors.

J Moore 8/13/2013 | 9:04 PM

lovely paintings

commentsA Quiet Lake
Tricia May 8/13/2013 | 6:47 PM

Hello Yahe, I am also a Ugallery artist and I just wanted you to know I think your artwork is exceptional! Great color harmony and brushwork.

Birch Path Woodland

Oil painting on stretched canvas
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11" h x 14" w x .5" d
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An impressionistic landscape on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

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Stretched canvas

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