Ryan Pickart
Lowell, Indiana

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Artist and Customer Comments

T Berson 4/7/2015 | 10:42 AM

Any originals for sale?

V Prasad 2/12/2015 | 10:20 AM

Ryan - are you painting anythign new? I would love to buy it!

M Shahid 8/4/2014 | 7:12 AM

nice picture

K Mithai 1/24/2014 | 5:04 AM

want sme picks

L Ackerman 1/2/2013 | 2:26 AM


L Ackerman 1/2/2013 | 2:25 AM


A Lina 12/28/2012 | 1:56 PM


A Lina 12/28/2012 | 1:55 PM


Sue Borg 11/30/2012 | 12:47 PM

I love Lyra!

Ryan Pickart 10/22/2012 | 8:51 PM

That's great news! I can't wait to see a picture. Thank you for your purchase!

R Scott 10/19/2012 | 4:22 PM

We purchased Tiffany yesterday and I can't wait to welcome her to our family. I will send you a picture of her in her new home.

D Rucci 8/4/2012 | 1:28 PM

Love your work!

D Rucci 8/4/2012 | 1:28 PM

Love your work!

Donna Pickart 6/16/2012 | 10:10 PM

Beautiful and amazing work. Your passion touches my heart

Donna Pickart 6/16/2012 | 10:09 PM

Beautiful, and amazing work. Your passion touches my heart!

Ryan Pickart 12/6/2011 | 2:56 AM

Great to hear of your excitement for "Freja"! I would love to see her framed on a wall. Please feel free to submit a photo to Ugallery.

A Klein 11/30/2011 | 4:57 PM

I just can`t wait to receive my "Freja".Very excited about my new piece!

Ryan Pickart 11/2/2011 | 12:48 AM

Thank you D. Combs! "Freja" is available as both original and print. "Tiffany" is only available as an original. You can view my prints at My prints, "Erin" and "Regina" are also on but don't display on my page. Those can be found through the search feature.

D. Combs 11/1/2011 | 1:00 PM

Ryan, you have such a beautiful, distinctive style! Some of your clients mention just having received a print from you; are "Freja" and "Tiffany" prints or originals?

E Robin 9/13/2011 | 12:54 PM

Ryan, I just received my Regina print in the mail, and I am in love!! You're work makes me smile, thank you so much!

Ryan Pickart 4/18/2011 | 1:45 AM

Lili, I have an in-home workspace. Hope to upgrade soon!

Lili Pereyra 4/15/2011 | 5:04 PM

Do you have a studio here in Indiana?

K Harder purchased this artwork. 3/24/2011 | 6:42 PM

This picture is absolutely stunning! I framed it in an 11x16" frame with a soft white mat. The the print is centered a couple inches up from the middle in a very thin silver frame and it looks extremely elegant and modern. I love the Klimpt inspired background, the striking red hair,the dark eyebrows and the beautifully painted yellow shirt. I can't help but find myself frequently stopping to look and the print. I look forward to seeing more work from Mr. Pickart.

Ryan Pickart 2/13/2011 | 6:00 PM

So happy to hear that you are all enjoying my pieces!

A Kimmel 2/12/2011 | 8:59 PM

I love "The Slumber" painting I just bought. Will have you on my list of artist to watch.

B Bagin purchased this artwork. 2/5/2011 | 8:27 PM

Stunning piece!!! Very satisfied.

L Merino purchased this artwork. 1/28/2011 | 3:18 PM

I very much enjoy looking at my print of Guinevere - thank you!

Ryan Pickart 12/16/2010 | 3:25 PM

That's fantastic Jo! So glad to hear that about Regina!

G Mccarty purchased this artwork. 12/8/2010 | 8:59 PM

I adore Regina! I took her to be framed at my local gallery (the framer worked for the University of Iowa Art Museum), and was in waiting to be framed, someone came into the gallery and offered to buy it! It's a hit! Many thanks; you're very talented. Jo McCarty

Ryan Pickart 12/3/2010 | 5:24 PM

Thank you both! I am so happy to hear from buyers and would love to see pictures of them on your walls. I am so grateful!

Keren V. 12/1/2010 | 3:49 PM

Regina and Guinevere are now waking up with me every morning! My art family just got a bit larger. You are in good company too, next to Kees Van Dongen and Schiele! Your interplay between hyperrealistic faces and expressionistic drips of color is just stunning. I am a newly converted fan!

K Zwarg purchased this artwork. 11/30/2010 | 12:07 AM

I love it - the picture just spoke to me. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Ryan Pickart 10/10/2010 | 3:09 AM

Thank you R Jorgenson! So grateful that you enjoy the piece even more!

commentsThe Awakening
R Jorgenson purchased this artwork. 9/23/2010 | 4:20 PM

Really pleased with this piece. You can't tell from the photo, but the top right portion of the painting has a wonderful sheen to it.

Ryan Pickart 4/23/2010 | 1:12 AM

That is wonderful news! Thank you for letting me know. I would love to see Orsaka 1 framed if you are able to send me a photo.

UGALLERY 3/25/2010 | 8:18 PM

Ryan! I received your Orsaka I and it is breathtaking. I am so happy! It's currently at the shop getting a nice floating black frame - all the employees were gawking over it when I dropped the work off. Thanks again!

Ugallery 7/10/2009 | 6:40 PM

See Ryan's work in our recent exhibition, "We Are Women," on the Ugallery blog! Here is the link:

Ryan Pickart 7/6/2009 | 11:04 PM

I have been painting since I was around 16. I started in acrylics and moved to oils soon after.

Y Reel 7/6/2009 | 10:44 PM

how long have u been painting?

Ryan Pickart 7/6/2009 | 9:21 PM

Thanks for the encouragement LBelle! You hit the nail on the head for "Sleeping Girl I". I really enjoyed painting that piece.

LBelle 7/6/2009 | 8:51 PM

I have always thought your portraits were beautiful and technically skillful. I especially love the new piece, "Sleeping Girl 1" because of the nectarine in her hand. It is so surreal and leads to questions, such as "did she fall asleep with a nectarine in her hand or is she dreaming about it?" The dripping paint also enhances the relaxed dream state of the piece. Great work!

Ryan Pickart 2/13/2009 | 10:58 PM

Thank you! Orsaka 1 and 2 are not exactly self-portraits. I used myself as a reference but did not follow my resemblance closely.

gmsbhat 2/13/2009 | 9:32 PM

This seems to be a self portrait!? I like your work.

R Pickart 2/16/2008 | 2:55 AM

Yes, that is correct. I currently am showing work at the Honeywell Center in Wabash and soon at Manchester College.

nicholas avnaim 2/14/2008 | 7:47 PM

Grace in Winona Lake, IN?


Oil painting on paper
Signed on back

23" h x 17" w 
1 lbs. 0 oz.


Artwork Details

Comments About This Piece

"Amelia" is an oil painting on gessoed paper. She is based on a childhood friend of mine that posed for this piece and "Aria". Her dress is based off of a gown by Giambattista Valli. The dripping effect of her hair and dress are a way of finding where the paint belongs on the surface with lots of medium and thinner, finding form and depth in the process. She is bold, yet a fragile chameleon. This painting is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display.

Oil painting

Oil paint uses natural oils, such as linseed, poppy and walnut oil to bind the pigments. Oils are slow to dry, which allows the artist to rework the painting to achieve the desired effect. Also, they blend easily, which helps to achieve certain colors. With the rise of naturalism in 15th century Early Netherlandish painting, oil paints became preferred to quick drying tempera paint. Artists wanted a medium that would allow them to achieve detailed and precise effects in their paintings. Consider all of the detail in the masterpieces of Jan van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch!


Paper is a very common surface for all types of artwork, including photography, printmaking, drawing and painting. Art paper varies in thickness and color. Read the notes section to learn more about the paper used to create this artwork. If not noted as framed, most paper artwork will require framing.


A one-of-a-kind artwork is a unique piece handmade by the artist. There is only one in existence. The work may be part of a series, however, the piece itself is unlike any other. This piece is available exclusively at UGallery.


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