Accretion is about growth or coming together to make something larger as a whole. I like working based on particular ideas and theories I've learned, creating imagery that circles back to my process in painting. This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas and the painting continues around the sides. It comes ready to hang.

- Patrick Duffy


Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on back

44" h x 32" w x 2" d
15 lbs. 0 oz.



Patrick Duffy
Brooklyn, New York

Getting to Know Patrick

The overarching theme of Patrick Duffy’s artwork is transformation. By creating an environment of rhythm and fluidity, he allows each piece to shape itself into unexpected patterns and forms. Patrick often infuses components of physics, such as space, time and matter into his work. Experiencing the outdoors has always been a passion of his, despite living in the concrete jungle of New York City. Fun fact: Patrick competed in cycling races growing up in New England.