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White Caps

Kelly Money

Oil painting on Stretched canvas


Signed on front


24 " h x 24 " w x 2 " d |5 lbs. 0 oz.




This is one of those paintings that took on a life of its own.  I wanted to go further with it but it felt done when I stepped back from the easel. This is a much looser painting for me, noticeable brushstrokes, subtle hints of color.

The painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and continues around the edges. It is lightly varnished and comes ready to hang.

Kelly Money

Carversville, Pennsylvania

Kelly Money is fascinated by clouds. So much so, in fact, that she strives to capture “every combination and formation of clouds I can possibly see and paint.” To portray the vastness of the sky, Kelly often uses a very low horizon line in her compositions. The result is a peaceful, dreamlike effect. Many of Kelly’s paintings are inspired by the view from her home in Pennsylvania where she lives on a plot of land with her husband, two little boys, and dogs. When she’s not making art, Kelly enjoys hiking, traveling, and yoga.

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Kelly Money 2/10/2019 | 8:29 PM

Yes! I do! Can you please send an email to UGallery at sales@ugallery.com to discuss? Thanks, Kelly

commentsQuietly Blue
L Lake 2/10/2019 | 7:28 PM

Hello! I love your cloud art and am interested in a diptych with a total size between the two of approximately 72" w and 54" high. Is this something you can do?


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