In this painting I got inspired by the little angel figurine playing the violin and the stamp of German composer Paul Lincke, also playing violin. The address on the letter is to give homage to William Harnett, as this is the address that appears on the envelope of his "The Old Violin" painting. On the stamp mark it reads Bonn (Ludwig Van Beethoven's birthplace) and 2205 (my birthday, May 22).

- Jose H. Alvarenga

Violin Concerto

Oil painting on masonite board
Natural wood edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front

9" h x 12" w x .75" d
0 lbs. 8 oz.



Jose H. Alvarenga
Inglewood, California

Getting to Know Jose H.

Jose’s soft still life paintings are like visual puns. He creates relationships between objects that evoke both amusement and contemplation in the viewer. By devising a clever dialogue between objects, Jose turns a still life into a story. Jose utilizes a classical realist style with a gentle nod to surrealism through his unique subject selections. He is inspired by everyday objects, particularly those with a quality of nostalgia, memory, or humor. Jose paints out of his Los Angeles area apartment, where he also enjoys playing the keyboard and reading art books.