After moving from Atlanta to Richmond, Virginia, I struggled to recover from the travel expenses. While working to financially replenish, as well as building new studio space, certain personal events took place which influenced me to unexpectedly return to painting. My ideas are starting to evolve, as well as my style. Now with the new year, and a radical cultural and philosophical shift from the 2016 presidential election, my work begins to unfold a new era of creative experimentation, ambiguity, and doubt. ‘Untitled - Thunder’ embodies a new beginning of exile from the cultural polarization of faith and reason: leaving me isolated from an identity found in our current stated of society.

This work is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished white edges. It comes wired to hang.

- Wes Sumrall

Untitled - Thunder

Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on back

30" h x 15" w x 2" d
3 lbs. 0 oz.



Wes Sumrall
Richmond, Virginia

Getting to Know Wes

Wes Sumrall began painting at a young age and enjoys observing nature. As he explains, his work involves “studying the nature of light by subduing the nuanced color variations instilled.” He has been greatly influenced by Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Claude Monet. When he’s not painting, he enjoys backpacking, going to music venues, working out and spending time with friends.