Making the commonplace noble is what landscape artists have done throughout the centuries, and I like to carry on this wonderful tradition.  In this simple scene I find beauty, and a reassurance that what captures the heart is universal.

- Kent Sullivan

The Quiet Stream

Oil painting on wood

Varnished and Ready to frame

Signed on front

18" h x 24" w x .25" d
0 lbs. 9 oz.



Kent Sullivan
Orlando, Florida

Getting to Know Kent

There are more places Kent Sullivan would like to paint than he ever will be able. Employing many of the Hudson River School methods in his landscapes, Kent captures the ephemeral interactions of clouds, sun and earth with his delicate use of color and gesture. His work is published in two prominent books: "Art of the National Parks" and "Picturing Florida." He has lectured at museums and been sought after by many large corporations. “Several years ago I had the incredible fortune of being part of the NASA art program. Five paintings are now part of the Smithsonian Collection. At one gathering at the Kennedy Space Center, Leonard Nimoy came up and asked me for my autograph!”