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The Blue Bird

Mika Burt
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Oil painting on Stretched linen New

Painting wraps around edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front


15.75" h x 13.78" w x 1" d |2 lbs. 3 oz.

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Artist Burte-Ujin Batbayar presents the image of a woman with a colossal crown of flowers. She holds a bluebird in the palm of her hands with delicate conscientiousness. "As beings that are intrinsically connected to the natural world, we must recognize our responsibility to extend our moral considerations beyond just our fellow humans, but also towards the wildlife and the earth itself," states Burte-Ujin. By acknowledging and respecting the intricate balance of nature, humans can begin to nurture and protect it for the benefit of all living beings, including ourselves.

Mika Burt

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Artist Mika Burt paints impressionist explorations of the female form. She creates introspective portraits that radiate their natural beauty in extraordinary ways. "I intend to represent various concepts and ideas, such as sexuality, vulnerability, power, and freedom, through my paintings," says Mika. Captivated by art since childhood, she pursued a degree from the Mongolian Art Academy in 2012, majoring in monumental painting. After graduation, Mika freelanced for two years at a small art studio under a more experienced artist. She then worked as a children's book illustrator, finding inspiration in children's innocence and curiosity, which informed and enlightened her creations. Over time, her passion evolved toward capturing the allure of womanhood. She produces art at a small, cozy studio around a school where she works as a children's art teacher. Her home setup also allows her to play with various techniques with natural light. Aside from work, she is passionate about nature walking and hiking with her friends, which she finds her best source of inspiration. She always keeps a journal and a small sketchbook to capture new ideas. Mika's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and published in notable art catalogs in Mongolia.

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