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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

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31.5" h x 35.5" w x .75" d |9 lbs. 8 oz.

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“This painting is inspired by all kinds of mentors and role models," artist Cristina Lopez Casas explains. Two figures reach over a dark landscape where we see "chicks" being brought into the light. "I believe teaching is an organic process embedded in the matriarchal paradigm as in the ideas of Humberto Maturana, a Chilean biologist, and philosopher. The snail represents the slow world of learning, as it is my experience," says Cristina who expresses the time it took to complete this painting.

Cristina Lopez Casas

Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico

Artist Cristina Lopez Casas paints deeply personal and stirring portraits of women. “My work is a record of what a woman can do as an alternative to following the traditional role of family pillar,” says Cristina. “It gives me constant joy and peace, it is essential to my mental well being. Yes, art is therapy. And so much more once it connects to another woman's life.” Growing up in Chile, Cristina studied graphic design. She desired to be a painter but many obstacles delayed her dream. Soon after school, she married, had two sons and moved to California to start a business selling wrought iron furniture. Many years passed before an unexpected move to Mexico City allowed her to return to school for a Masters in Painting. Today, Cristina lives in Oaxaca, where she enjoys the support of a vibrant arts community. She paints in a small bamboo workshop on the roof of her house with a fantastic view of the mountains. When she’s not painting, she enjoys spending time with her partner, walking and talking about science, philosophy, art and food.


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