Every now and then, the sushi case at my local supermarket beckons. Glistening little delicacies of hand cut and formed fish and rice nigiri, maki, and rolls beckon to be taken home, gently kissed with soy sauce and a dab of wasabi, and eaten with reverence (and, perhaps, washed down with a good Japanese beer). Yes, supermarket sushi is a form of fast food, but freshly made, it is a tasty meal when a burger and fries just won't do.

- Kristine Kainer

Sushi I

Oil painting on canvas board

Varnished and Ready to frame

Signed on front and back

8" h x 10" w x .12" d
0 lbs. 8 oz.



Kristine Kainer
Georgetown, Texas

Getting to Know Kristine

For Kristine Kainer, recreating her emotional attachments to subject matter, whether a still-life or landscape, is paramount. Her goal is to emotionally trigger a response in the viewer. But, "this response does not need to replicate my own feelings; instead, I hope to make the viewer pause for a moment, reflect upon, then respond to my work in a personal, meaningful way."