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Sunset with Yachts

Dariusz Choinski
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Oil painting on Wood New

Finished white edges

Varnished and Ready to frame


Signed on front


12" h x 12" w x .24" d |1 lbs. 10 oz.

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Inspired by the artist's trip to Sicily. Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Dariusz Choinski spends as much time as possible outside discovering new places and looking for inspiring subject matter. He brings his camera and plein air gear, always taking notes about the colors and values within interesting subjects. This allows him to correct the reference photos he may later use for his studio work, although he never copies his photographs. "I try to catch a feeling of the moment I witnessed," says Dariusz. Usually it takes him many weeks to finish a single painting, as he likes to give himself time to revisit the piece.

Dariusz Choinski

Jaktorow, Poland

Dariusz Choinski is a Polish painter living in Jaktorow, a beautiful wooded hamlet of 900 people near Warsaw. The area was a favorite hunting ground for princes of Mazovia and Polish kings. Dariusz hikes these historical paths to gather inspiration and source material for his classically styled landscape paintings. He focuses on documenting the past and present. Dariusz’s subjects range from modern streets to a 19th century nobleman’s house that’s falling into disrepair. Growing up, he was interested in making music and graffiti, however it wasn’t until 2017 that he began seriously pursuing oil painting. Looking at his work, it’s impressive to consider that he is entirely self-taught, taking advantage of the bounty of training available online. “I do realize that I'm only at the beginning stage of this adventure but I already decided to fully commit to the passion I really love,” says Dariusz.

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