This scene presented an opportunity to convey the idea of depth in a painting.  The moisture in the air by the sea creates greater atmospheric perspective and helps with the feeling of depth.  This is based on a location in New England where it is chilly in winter, but a seaside place is so nice in summer.

- Rodgers Naylor

Summer Place

Oil painting on canvas board

Varnished and Ready to frame

Signed on front

8" h x 16" w x .25" d
0 lbs. 8 oz.



Rodgers Naylor
Denver, Colorado

Getting to Know Rodgers

Rodgers Naylor boasts more than 15 years of making art. He enjoys painting in his 1920's Denver bungalow studio and en plein air, depicting both rural and urban landscapes. He especially loves scenes that suggest a story or have an interesting arrangement of light and dark shapes. During his free time, he enjoys hiking and snowshoeing in his home town in Colorado.