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Summer Evening

David Thelen
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Oil painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished black edges

Ready to hang


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36" h x 18" w x 1.5" d |4 lbs. 7 oz.

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A summer evening storm moves into the distance. David uses a vertical composition and the placement of the seemingly insignificant telephone pools to illustrate the scale of the scene. A warm glow in the foreground draws the eye back to the sunset in the distance. This piece is part of David's signature series of landscapes inspired by his surroundings in New York's Finger Lakes region. He often takes long drives on the backroads with his camera looking for unique views or compositional components. David's paintings are easily identifiable by his technique of painting in the negative. He gessos his canvases in black and then paints around the areas he intends to be black. If you see a black tree or a bridge, they have not been painted - the space around them has been painted.

David Thelen

Livonia, New York

Artist David Thelen was born in Western New York and has been living and working in the Finger Lakes region of the area. His strong family ties to the Catskill area give him a broader perspective on his home. It comes as no surprise that his artwork reflects the daily life and landscapes he sees at home and through his travels across the state. David’s signature approach to the artwork is to paint the canvas solid black, and he paints in the negative space around the darkened areas. He creates his main subject by painting the space around it rather than painting the subject itself. David lives in an old farmhouse that he is slowly renovating one room at a time, so most of his time is shared between painting, renovating, and maintaining.

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