I painted this as part of a series based on Manhattan scenery. In this case, I am looking south on Park Avenue towards the MetLife building. I was struck by the steam drifting across the road and slipping between the buildings on the right. I wanted to give the viewer a sense of the transitioning light and the way it accentuated the steam as it drifted into what I liken to the canyons between the tall buildings.

- Onelio Marrero

Steam on Park Avenue

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished white edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front and back

14" h x 18" w x 1.25" d
1 lbs. 0 oz.



Onelio Marrero
Rockaway, New Jersey

Getting to Know Onelio

Onelio Marrero paints city scenes of everyday life. In an impressionistic style he captures the romanticism of New York City, the picturesque fountains in Central Park and the wet city streets after a rainy afternoon. His use of warm tones creates a sense of nostalgia and the feeling that you have visited or seen this particular scene before. Onelio will often paint from direct observation, or he will work from a combination of photographs and combine numerous sources into one piece. In this way his work combines reality with fantasy, creating a new story with each painting. His work captures an appreciation for beauty in all of its greatest forms; nature, art, and people.