I recently gave myself a studio challenge: to create a work inspired by The Golden Ratio, the mathematical ratio that has inspired artists from da Vinci to Dali due to the belief that it creates the most aesthetically pleasing compositions. Inspired by the curve built into the ratio, I created this snoozy Curly Girl, blissfully catching some zz's as she rests on her pillow. I'm not able to catch a nap the way she is, but I'm glad I was able to take a traditional visual concept and make it my own.

- Sumner Crenshaw


Oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished black edges
Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on back

20" h x 16" w x 1" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



Sumner Crenshaw
Frederick, Maryland

Getting to Know Sumner

Sumner Crenshaw infuses her work with movement, lines and varying degrees of color. She currently lives in Maryland and finds inspiration in the work of Salvador Dali. Her goal is to keep exploring the minimalist, narrative surrealism she's been moving toward.