This painting was inspired by a trip to Spain. Landscapes, colors, and items for sale in mercados all spoke to my Spanish heritage (on my father's side). One of the figures is somewhat ghostlike, referencing my half sister, who died and who I never knew. The figure in the shawl holds a candle having to do with some kind of ceremony, possibly a funeral or Day of the Dead, with a mask left from another celebration. In the front is an alibrije, carved Mexican figurine.  

This painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas with finished gray edges. It comes ready to hang.

- Dixie Salazar


Oil painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front

36" h x 28" w x 1.5" d
5 lbs. 0 oz.



Dixie Salazar
Fresno, California

Getting to Know Dixie

Dixie is a writer of poetry and fiction, and her imaginative narratives come to life in her energetic paintings. The imagery in Dixie’s work unites characters, themes, and settings in a unique and sometimes surprising manner. Multiple yet simultaneous storylines and time periods converge in these jovial paintings. Dixie’s work has a vibrant patchwork quality shaped by her fascination with collage and found materials. The strong influence of Pierre Bonnard, one of Dixie’s favorite artists, also has a visible impact on her stylistic choices. Articulating patterns and surfaces with dream-like layers, Dixie conveys movement, feeling, and time in her eclectic work.